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10/21/05 the sun goes down

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...MB '05 Tour: Day 124: Santa Barbara County Bowl - Santa Barbara, CA
Way up in the chilly foggy hills above Santa Barbara, they dug out a bowl back in the old days, and today it was time to fill it with loud rock and roll. Weezer has never played this place before, and it was a really cool place to have a show. But local Santa Barbara-ites already knew that. In fact weezer has really only played Santa Barbara a handful of times, including such disparate shows as a club show in '94 (just a few days after the Blue Album was released), an Oasis covers set (as 'Goat Punishment') in early '99, and the Warped Tour in 2000.

A li'l SB/LA rivalry was exposed when Scott was saying whats up to the crowd, so he reminded them that they were all rocking together in brotherhood, no matter where they were from. And that was true for this show - if you weren't huddled together with your fellow concert goers, you were probably freezing! There was the consistent threat of rain throughout the whole night, with frequent light drizzle mixing with the fog and chilly air. Not a night for respiratory tract ailments.

Hot Hot Heat opened up tonight, coming out with the weez for an extraFoozcurricular show. It was great to check out a more lengthy set from them. They have been very cool, right down to dedicating a song to weezer on occasion. They rock it out every night.

Tonight's 'Undone' acoustic assistant was one Cheyenne from SB, who had the chops and held it down. Thanks Cheyenne!

It was interesting to see a fully 'weezer crowd' after several weeks of the mixed Foozer crowd. This was very literally an all ages crowd! Mixed in amongst the high school and college folks were a suprising number of kids as young as 5, there with their parents. Plus there were plenty of people in the 40+ range as well. Weezer for the masses.

Props to Parry and Steve from Nerf Herder, in the hizzouse tonight!

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The current tour merchandise(updated 10/07/05).
(Note: these shirts are bootlegs - do not buy them if you see them! *updated 10/15*)

...The new single from "Make Believe" is "Perfect Situation", and its out now. Call your local station and request it! Let's push this great song to the heights it deserves! The video for this song was shot last week in LA and is now in the editing room. It should be out soon. More info when we have it.

Headlining shows coming up now! Folks, these 2 shows will be the last US weezer shows for what looks to be a looong time - make the trip if you can! Freakout in Fresno!
10/29 - Fresno, CA - Selland Arena - on sale now!
10/30 - Las Vegas, NV - Hard Rock - on sale now!

...Plus the remaining Foozer shows in Long Beach, Portland, Seattle, and Oakland.

...Weezer on AOL Sessions (taping) on Wednesday 11/01 - air date TBA (schedule change)

...A full account of Weezer's 10/17 visit to The Howard Stern show (incl. pix!) is here.

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