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Ozma concert: 06/10/2007

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Ozma concert: 06/10/2007
Tour The Actual Tour
Venue The Nick
Location Birmingham, AL
Date June 10, 2007
Associated album Pasadena
Bootleg Streaming
Ozma live show chronology
06/09/2007 - Little Rock, AR 06/10/2007 - Birmingham, AL 06/12/2007 - Atlanta, GA

Ozma performed at The Nick in Birmingham, AL on June 10, 2007 as part of The Actual Tour.


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No. Title
1. "Spending Time"    
2. "Fight the Darkness"    
3. "Eponine"    
4. "Barriers"    
5. "Wake Up"    
6. "Heartache vs Heartbreak"    
7. "Korobeiniki"    
8. "Underneath My Tree"    
9. "Incarnation Blues"    
10. "Shootingstars"    
11. "Straight Flush"    
12. "Lunchbreak (Cobras Theme)"    
13. "Baseball"    
14. "Domino Effect"    
15. "Landing of Yuri Gagarin"    
16. "Rocks"    


The band released a bootleg of the show on Youtube in December 2021.


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