The Black Album (2001)

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The Black Album is the working title for an unmastered, and possibly unfinished, album by Weezer, recorded in late 2001 at Steak House and Cello Studios. The title is a self-parody of the band's own color-themed albums, as well as similarly-titled famous records by Metallica and Prince. As of November 10, a supposed final tracklisting was selected, but for reasons unknown, the entire project was abandoned. The exact track listing for the album is unknown, but it is very likely to be very similar to the twelve-song in-progress version compiled on November 3. Most of the songs would be re-recorded during the Maladroit sessions.

Track Listing (as of 11-3-01)

  1. "My Weakness" (re-recorded for Maladroit as "Seafaring Jamb")
  2. "Change the World" (re-recorded for Maladroit)
  3. "The Dawn"
  4. "Ain't Got Much Time" (aka "Get Me On the Line" - re-recorded for Maladroit)
  5. "We Go Together" (re-recorded for Maladroit)
  6. "Fall Together" (re-recorded for and released on Maladroit)
  7. "Diamond Rings" (aka "Anything But Love")
  8. "Your Room" (re-recorded for Maladroit)
  9. "Living Without You" (re-recorded for and released on international editions of Maladroit)
  10. "So Low" (aka "Take Back The Love" - re-recorded for Maladroit)
  11. "Faith in the Light" (aka "Everybody Depends On a Friend")
  12. "Do You Want Me To Stay" (re-recorded for and released on Maladroit as "Love Explosion")

The following songs were incomplete as of 11-3-01. It is not known if they were finished by 11-10-01.

  1. "Cygnus X-1" (aka "Smiths Jamb")
  2. "Place the Blame" (re-recorded for and released on Maladroit as "Space Rock")
  3. "As The Day Goes By" (aka "Flat Tire" - remains unreleased and unheard by fans)
  4. "I Wanna Be With You" (aka "Spend Some Time" - re-recorded for Maladroit as "Porcupine")
  5. "C'mon Lets Go" (aka "It's Only Rock n' Roll" - re-recorded for Maladroit as "Serendipity")
  6. "Slave" (re-recorded for and released on Maladroit)

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