The Black Album (2001)

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The Black Album is the name jokingly given to an unmastered set of demos recorded by Weezer, recorded between October 21 and November 10, 2001 at Steakhouse Studios and Cello Studios for the band's planned fourth album (that would eventually become the 2002 album Maladroit).


As described by Karl Koch in the Recording History:

Interspersed with a bunch of shows and other business, a new set of album-preparing demos was recorded, starting at the Steakhouse studio, and concluding at Cello Studios. (Cello details below). As can be seen, a lot of work was done, which resulted in what was tenatively called weezers next album at the time. Indeed the final product was jokingly referred to as "The Black Album" on the rough cd's, a reference to Weezers 'color' albums and Metallica's and Princes "Black Albums" (Jay-Z's wasnt out yet). The final mixes do stand together as a 12 song album quite nicely, but work continued into 2002, eventually arriving at the bands 4th album Maladroit.

Karl Koch, [citation needed]

Most of the songs would be attempted again during the sessions for Maladroit.

Track Listing

As of November 5, 2001, the early album's tracklist consisted of:

No. Title Length
1. "My Weakness" (re-recorded for Maladroit as "Seafaring Jamb")  
2. "Change the World" (re-recorded for Maladroit)  
3. "The Dawn"    
4. "Ain't Got Much Time" (aka "Get Me On the Line" - re-recorded for Maladroit)  
5. "We Go Together" (re-recorded for Maladroit)  
6. "Fall Together" (re-recorded for and released on Maladroit)  
7. "Diamond Rings" (aka "Anything But Love")  
8. "Your Room" (re-recorded for Maladroit)  
9. "Living Without You" (re-recorded for and released on international editions of Maladroit)  
10. "So Low" (aka "Take Back The Love" - re-recorded for Maladroit)  
11. "Faith in the Light" (aka "Everybody Depends On a Friend")  
12. "Do You Want Me To Stay" (re-recorded for and released on Maladroit as "Love Explosion")  

The following songs were unlikely to have been finished during the Steakhouse/Cello Studios demo sessions, however were still included as part of the 11/5/01 tracklist:

No. Title Length
13. "Cygnus X-1" (aka "Smiths Jamb")  
14. "Place the Blame" (re-recorded for and released on Maladroit as "Space Rock")  
15. "As The Day Goes By" (aka "Flat Tire" - released in 2020 as part of Alone VIII: The Maladroit Years)  
16. "I Wanna Be With You" (aka "Spend Some Time" - re-recorded for Maladroit as "Porcupine")  
17. "C'mon Lets Go" (aka "It's Only Rock n' Roll" - re-recorded for Maladroit as "Serendipity")  
18. "Slave" (re-recorded for and released on Maladroit)  

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