Weezer concert: 01/08/2011

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Weezer concert: 01/08/2011
Tour Memories Tour
Venue Aragon Ballroom
Location Chicago, IL
Date January 8, 2011
Supporting acts The Limousines
Bootleg Official recording circulating
Weezer live show chronology
01/07/2011 - Chicago, IL 01/08/2011 - Chicago, IL 01/21/2011 - Las Vegas, NV
(Pinkerton) Live in Chicago, Illinois
(Pinkerton) Live in Chicago, Illinois cover
Live album by Weezer
Format CD, digital
Recorded January 8, 2011
Weezer chronology
(The Blue Album) Live in Chicago, Illinois
(Pinkerton) Live in Chicago, Illinois
Live in Tallahassee, Florida
Officialbootleg 2011-01-08 fullscan.jpg

Weezer performed at the Aragon Ballroom in Chicago, IL on January 8, 2011 as part of the Memories Tour, performing Pinkerton in its entirety. A recording of the concert was sold on the band's website as the live album Live in Chicago, Illinois as part of the band's series of official "bootlegs."

Set list

Greatest hits
No. Title Length
1. "Memories"   4:03
2. "Pork and Beans"   3:53
3. "The Greatest Man That Ever Lived"   5:58
4. "Perfect Situation"   4:05
5. "Dope Nose"   3:05
6. "Hash Pipe"   3:43
7. "You Gave Your Love to Me Softly"   2:12
8. "Susanne"   3:54
9. "Jaime"   3:59
10. "Only in Dreams"   9:12
No. Title Length
11. "Tired of Sex"   3:23
12. "Getchoo"   3:17
13. "No Other One"   3:17
14. "Why Bother?"   2:28
15. "Across the Sea"   4:34
16. "The Good Life"   4:38
17. "El Scorcho"   4:12
18. "Pink Triangle"   4:32
19. "Falling for You"   4:44
20. "Butterfly" (Karl on drums) 3:18

Karl's Corner

And indeed, tonight's show was intense! The audience were amazing both nights, singing along loudly and freaking out constantly. I met so many cool fans both nights, from the I Love All Access VIPers to people from all over the place who had to come see the Memories Tour, and I've got to say it once again, weezer fans are the best fans!

Tonight the School Of Rock kids did "Say It Aint So" and "Surf Wax America" during the intermission, which actually got some crowdsurfing going! They did a fantastic job again. Also tonight the winners of the State Farm Grantin' Wishes With Weezer contest were granted their wishes, and Scott from Magic Hugs (AKA "Chazz" from How To Be Tight) was on hand to help film and interview the goings on for upcoming segments on the State Farm website (we'll link it up when its up). The winners were: One guy got to play drums with the band during soundcheck, he played "the Good life" with them. A girl named Nicole got to meet the band and have Jeremy her garden gnome signed. Then Scott suggested the gnome hang out on the drum kit for the show, and so it came to pass. Another guy got to come up on stage and do his magic trick routine for the crowd while the band played Hash Pipe. And finally a school teacher from Kansas got to sit with the band while they answered questions from the guys classroom kids back in Kansas via iChat. That class also got some new guitars. And also a bunch of fans questions were answered on video which will be a part of the stuff that will go on the State Farm site soon.

Big ups to Jam Productions, Paul Natkin, ILAA, The ILAA VIPers, Anuj Behal (RWA OG webmaster 1995-1999, Spice Girls doll owner), Brian's mom, and the many many awesome Boardies of every stripe we met over these 2 nights!
- Karl Koch



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