Weezer concert: 01/23/1999

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Weezer concert: 01/23/1999
Venue Yucatan
Location Santa Barbara, CA
Date January 23, 1999[1]
Personnel changes Todd Phillips on drums
Weezer live show chronology
11/??/1998 - Los Angeles, CA (as Goat Punishment) 01/23/1999 - Santa Barbara, CA (as Goat Punishment) 06/16/2000 - Santa Barbara, CA

Weezer (under the alias "Goat Punishment") performed at the Yucatan in Santa Barbara, California on January 23, 1999. The set consisted only of covers of songs from Oasis' first album, Definitely Maybe. Patrick Wilson was notably absent from this concert, with Todd Philips replacing Wilson on drums. Many hardcore fans attended, as they had become aware of the Goat Punishment alias, but most were kicked out by police due to overcrowding which reduced the crowd to approximately forty people.[2]

The band planned to move the show to the nearby Pickle Patch, however, due to curfew issues the show did not happen. Reportedly, the band instead ended up partying at the venue and throughout the night.[3]


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Reportedly all the songs played were from Oasis' Definitely Maybe.[4]

Fan reaction

User "Truck!" recounted the show on alt.music.weezer.[3]

so first, they wouldn't play because the bar was 21+. then they eventually let them in, but it got overcrowded. people bitched, then left. steve of the pickle patch, a local venue then told them they could play at his place if they wanted to. then out of the blue they say it's ok to play so about 50 people got to see them play for a half hour, most of them being disappointed it was all Oasis and no Weezer. half hour into the show they said they were stoppin it and moving to the pickle patch, which ended up not working out because of curfew issues. they did end up going there just to hang out, and were kicked out because a roadie (not karl) and the new bassist were berating steve for not (and i quote) "having a beer in my hand RIGHT now". they ended up going to some high school girls house and getting drunk there.
- Truck!, altweezer, 1999


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