Weezer concert: 06/04/2001

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Weezer concert: 06/04/2001
Weezer concert: 06/04/2001 cover
Tour Hooptie Tour
Venue Blue Horizon
Location Philadelphia, PA
Date June 4, 2001
Associated album Weezer (The Green Album)
Weezer live show chronology
06/02/2001 - Los Angeles, CA 06/04/2001 - Philadelphia, PA 06/05/2001 - New York, NY

Weezer performed at the Blue Horizon in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on June 4, 2001 as part of the Hooptie Tour. The show was recorded to later be broadcast for Y-100 Sonic Sessions and the performance of "Island In The Sun" from this day was later released on Y100 Sonic Sessions Vol. 5.


No. Song
1 "Photograph  
2 "Island In The Sun  
3 "Knock-down Drag-out  
4 "Simple Pages  
5 "Say It Ain't So  
6 "Buddy Holly  
7 "Undone - The Sweater Song  
8 "Hash Pipe  

Karl's Corner

See Karl's Corner - 06/04/2001
Today's stop on the "Hooptie Tour" was at an oooold school boxing arena, the Blue Horizon, which is in a beautiful old building that is apparently currently in a fight to save itself from re-development. I sure hope they can keep it going there, its just so cool! Anyway the guys did their set in a real boxing ring! The show was recorded by Y-100 for later "Sonic Sessions" re-broadcast, and the show was hyped as a "Weezer Vs. Y-100" boxing match. But no one was getting in any fights today! Everything went smoothly, and so did the autograph session too. A special "big ups" to our crew today, they had some serious stairs to contend with while getting all the gear in and out of the place, and they did a fantastic job with everything.

- Karl Koch



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