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Featured article: Guitar Player interview with Rivers Cuomo - July 2002

A July 2002 Guitar Player interview with Rivers Cuomo regarding the equipment and recording processes used in the creation of Maladroit.

Guitar Player: What's your live rig these days?

Rivers: We're still going with Line 6 Pod Pros, which are dialed-in to sound like the Marshalls on the record.

Guitar Player: Do you even have an amp on stage?

Rivers: Now I do. For a while I didn't, and it didn't make that much difference. The amp is just sort of an emotional crutch. We got into touring with Pods when we were playing bowling alleys and places like that, and it was a lot simpler and much better for my singing, because there was no volume on stage. Now we use Pods because I think they sound better than amps—which is really sad. But, playing in arenas, there are too many variables with mic positioning and stage sound to get a consistent tone from day to day. We run the Pod Pros direct to the board, and they always sound great.

Guitar Player: Why didn't you use them on the recording?

Rivers: I brought it up, but the engineer instantly shot that idea down. He wanted amps.

Guitar Player: What are you bringing for guitars?

Rivers: I bring a lot of guitars, because I'm still trying to find the perfect one. I'm taking Explorers, Flying Vs, Strats, and Strat copies. My Strats all have Seymour Duncan TB-1 humbuckers in the bridge position.

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