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Featured article: Simpleton

Simpleton a fictitious fourth Weezer album created by Weezer fans as a prank in 2003 through online message boards.

Simpleton was created as a mock "sequel" to Pinkerton. Just as The Green Album was seen as a stylistic follow-up to the The Blue Album, it only made sense that Maladroit's follow-up, Simpleton, was to be similar to Weezer's sophomore album, complete with album art from a Japanese painting and a similar name.

As an April Fools joke, Simpleton's release was 'scheduled' for April 1, 2003. Photos of the album in a box with The White Stripes' "Elephant" were used to further the ruse, claimed to have been delivered to a record store in such fashion.

Fake track listing

  1. "Happy Grunge"
  2. "Three Sixty-Seven"
  3. "All Too Long"
  4. "Private Message"
  5. "Everybody Wants a Chance to Feel All Alone"
  6. "O Girl"
  7. "I Don't Want Your Lovin'"
  8. "Jonas is a Bitch"
  9. "Hold Me"
  10. "Sometimes It's OK to Give Up"

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