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Karl's Corner - 08/01/2010

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2010/08/01 Montreal, Quebec, Canada: Osheaga Music And Arts Festival

2010/08/01 Montreal, Quebec, Canada: Osheaga Music And Arts Festival

After a somewhat crusty day of travel up from Ohio, we've been enjoying the fine city of Montreal, where its been 5 years since Weezer has last visited. Tonight we perform at the mighty Osheaga, along such greats as Sonic Youth, Devo, Snoop Dogg, and the Black Keys...


"To see a weezer concert in 2010 is to witness something extraordinary" - Me

We rolled over to the Osheaga Festival to discover the artist area was totally separate from the stage and audience zone, and it took a dusty golf cart ride thru the mosquito-laden woods to get over to where the action was. But all the festival people were super friendly and the bands were great. Snoop Dogg killed it and watching Sonic Youth shred their way through the waves of feedback was just amazing. Weezer got a dressing room visit from Sonic Youth before they went onstage and all reported it was great. Josh Freese is rumored to have superpowers but even he couldnt be in 2 places at once as Devo and Weezer were both on tonight's bill. Weezer asked him first in this case so Devo had a substitute in for Josh.

This was a HUGE festival, reminiscent of some of the massive Euro and UK summer festivals. Nonetheless, weezer dove right into the action and showed the Montreal people how they rock it whether small medium large, or, like tonight, super-size. Everyone was having a great time tonight, and Rivers pushed the envelope even further than ever, making it up into the distant bleachers to sing with the crowd and pouring and serving a (gratis) beer to a fan in the vip drink tent - all while singing the song! And the Montreal crowd really took it up a notch, which is saying something considering how good and crazy the crowds have been this summer. Thank you Montreal!

To those who were asking if I was injured during the show, the answer is yes but I'm fine now, thanks. while down int he photo pit, a security guy decided to do a roundhouse kick on one of our giant beachballs that came back from the crowd, but he miscalculated and caught me broadside in the face at point blank range, as i was aiming for a photo. So my camera cracked me in the eye and bent my glasses. I was out for about half a song while i got my scene back together, but like most show injuries, it all melts away in the chaotic pure rock froth!

The next morning in the Montreal airport I ran into our 2000-2005 lighting man Dan Hadley, who introduced me to Mark Ibold of Sonic Youth and Pavement. One wonderful Burger King breakfast with Mark later, we said bye and at that moment I spotted Snoop Dogg walking by grinning ear to ear! I said to Mark "did you see Snoop?" and he said "no, I didn't know that was him ...I, er, I really don't watch much TV." Classic! Big ups to Mark, Dan, Sonic Youth, Snoop Dogg and Pavement! And the Crossan'wich, hold the bacon!

Comment here if you went, tell your tale!




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