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Karl's Corner - 08/13/2010

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2010/08/13 Hurley, Memories, Iowa, Corn, NO Corn, Pre-Order!

2010/08/13 Hurley, Memories, Iowa, Corn, NO Corn, Pre-Order!

Today the troops have gathered in the Omaha Nebraska metropolitan area, in anticipation of tomorrow's rock show at the Westfair Amphitheatre in Council Bluffs, Iowa, just across the mighty Missouri River. We've got another mini-block of shows this weekend, then some time in L.A. is needed as the promotion machine heats up for the upcoming new weezer album "Hurley".

Yes, as you probably have heard by now, "Hurley" is out on 9/14 on Epitaph Records, and features the smiling face of Jorge Garcia (aka... 'Hurley') on the cover. (Want to know what Jorge thinks of his sudden entry into the Weez family? Read this.) And if you havent seen it yet, check it out on our fresh new Hurley-style Myspace page, redressed for success. Also there you can listen to the first single from Hurley, "Memories"! Members of our mailing list received the track for free this past Monday, but if you missed it, listen on Myspace, Weezer Radio, or request it on your local station. Its just getting started at this point, playing on both 98.7 and KROQ in L.A. now. But spread it shall...

"But Karl", you say, "I want to pre-order Hurley in a variety of formats and get cool new weezer t-shirts to boot! Where can i go?" Well, friend, you need only go to this Epitaph online merch store page, and all the goodies are there for the plundering! The green vinyl edition of the LP is limited to 1000 pieces and they are going fast. And the shirts are exclusive to the Epitaph Store for the pre-order. Check it out, and don't choose now to be taking your nap!

'Hurley' will be available on CD and digitally in a 10 song standard edition and a Deluxe edition with bonus tracks. The Vinyl LP is available as the US Standard edition only, in black wax and above-mentioned limited green wax. Pre-ordering either edition on iTunes entitles you to an exclusive bonus video item....which is good n' strange, the way you like it.

Weez collectors have already been emailing me with questions about formats, different editions for different countries, Memories single formats, iTunes exclusives and the like. I am working to get a list together of everything once the tracklisting has been officially released and all the details have come in. If anyone has heard new info about any of the above, or if youve seen a review or article about Hurley, why not head over to our message boards and share with your fellow fans? Here's a very handy messageboard thread that serves as a roundup of links to articles and reviews and such about Hurley, as well as your discussion thereof.

Here are some recent articles that have cropped up, all quite interesting.

LA times article with Rivers interview | Spin Q+A w/ Rivers | Interview with Brian | cool and funny review of the Paso Robles show by a Fark.com Admin | Fark Guy's pix with captions

Speaking of the boards, and the whole weezer.com site for that matter, we are working on a major re-launch that will incorporate many new features that we dont currently have or cant do well. Here's a post I put up the other day about that dealio.

...Cool set of pix from the Basillica Block Party show up in Minnesota, by Joe Lemke

...Fun review of the Ottawa Bluesfest show by Gilles LeBlanc

...today's Hurley covered car courtesy of Beulah Amarendran (who doesnt actually have a stack of Hurley CDs...so far as I know, anyway!)