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Karl's Corner - 08/07/2010

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2010/08/07 Huntington Beach, CA: Hurley US Open Of Surfing | "Memories" new single!

2010/08/07 Huntington Beach, CA: Hurley US Open Of Surfing | "Memories" new single!

Today is the free show down on the beach where the US Open Of Surfing is happening. Today is Day 8 - the grand finale of all the competitions and the music - and after our buddies Hot Hot Heat do their thing, Weezer will take the stage for the final slot!

...Sadly I (karl) cannot be there today to document the craziness. So once again, I'm putting out the call to you the fans to help out! Please by all means add your story to this post and/or start up a thread on our message boards and let the world know how the day went - for you and in general! And If you got some good pix (of the Weez in action or anything cool), please send your best 1-3 to me - karl (at) weezer (dot) com, and I'll put the best of the best up here and give you a shout out in this news story. You guys really came through with some great stuff at Pasa Robles, let's do it once more for the team! Thank you!


WOW. Thanks people, you nailed it! Piles of great pix came in from so many people, its been hard trimming it down! Clearly everyone from the band and the audience thought it was a great day today. Scott called it "epic" and while thats a word that gets tossed around lightly these days, in this case... I think he hit it on the head! Location, location, location, they say, and who could argue with a late afternoon rock set from weezer beachside in Huntington Beach, directly after the US Open Of Surfing finals? The answer is none, none could argue with it. Many thanks to todays guest photographers:

Christopher Truong
Dandy Noel
Cinthia Velasquez
Ivette Orenos
Chris Storment
Matthew Gilmore
Scott Colson
Natalie Tran
Gary Deocampo
Eddie Calderon
Ivette Orenos
Jonathan Elizalde
Michael Nguyen
Edison V
Dylan from Thousand Oaks
Alex Delgado
Eric Cwiertny






(click on any photo for a full size version)

...REMINDER:Folks, its official: Weezer has completed a new album, entitled "Hurley", and it will be out on September 14th on Epitaph Records! This is the 3rd new Weezer album in 3 years, an unprecedented feat for the weez that's reminiscent of the olden days in the '60s when bands released new stuff on a tight schedule. In our case its more a matter of striking when the creative iron is hot - and people, its pretty hot!

More info will be revealed soon, but for now here's a new Rolling Stone article with comments on "Hurley" from Rivers. And here's another new interview, this time with Brian.

...REMINDER: Our brohiems at HP and Reuters have posted some videos from the epic Times Square performance a few weeks back in NYC, when the band played the Reuters Studios and was up on the NASDAQ and Reuters screens overlooking the Square: "Beverly Hills" | Behind "Trippin" with mixer Rich Costey.