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Karl's Corner - 08/26/2010

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2010/08/26 The Inexorable Return To Old Blighty

2010/08/26 The Inexorable Return To Old Blighty

***Pre-Order Hurley Now! Many variations and Permutations to choose from! Exclusive new T-Shirts!***

...Today we landed in the UK after an overnight flight from Los Angeles. Our flight was shared with Sharon Osbourne, but unfortunately not Ozzy, so chalk that up as a missed photo opportunity if there ever was one.

Todays photo of Steve Alba shredding high above Pat is a bit of a sneak peek into the recent "Memories" video shoot, which took place at the hugely important skateboard spot, the Pink Motel way out in the far reaches of the San Fernando Valley. Weezer, all the Jackass guys, and some legendary athletes like Steve Alba, Christian Hosoi, BMXer Matt Hoffman, and other riders from Girl Skateboards and from all walks of life and age groups converged on the scene for a raucous skate and stunt riddled afternoon in the hot California sun. I was honored to be able to photograph and videotape the riding going on, having grown up looking at these guys shredding in Thrasher and Transworld. And being able to skate the Pink Motel pool was a dream come true, over 20 years after I learned about it on the Bones Brigade Animal Chin video (on VHS!). Indeed that pool kicked my butt, but thats what I get for being ill-prepared for its unforgiving walls. I cherish every bruise it gave me! For more inside looks at the insanity of the day, check this out.

The "Memories" video is being edited now. Not sure when exactly it will debut, but its on its ragged glorious way....

...Weezer's 8th album, HURLEY update...

* due out on September 14th on Epitaph Records.
* Will be available as a 10 song standard CD/digital, 14 song Deluxe CD/digital.
* 10 song black vinyl; 10 song green vinyl limited to 1000 copies.
* see this Epitaph page for the various ordering packages which include exclusive t-shit designs.
* iTunes US pre-order gets you an exclusive video freakout piece.
* still looking for confirmation on whether there will be UK/Euro/Japan bonus tracks and in what format(s).
* still looking for confirmation on whether there will be any cd singles, either US or int'l.
* stand by for a cool new Webisode featuring Hurley cover star Jorge Garcia.

...Death To False Metal... A Collection Of Unheard Songs From The Weezer Vault (formerly known as 'Odds And Ends') / Pinkerton Deluxe Edition update...

* Both releases are due out on November 2
* Death To False Metal will have several different exclusive bonus tracks (beyond the main album) available thru different digital and possibly international outlets. You will want to gather them all, as they all are pretty darn cool.
* including the bonus tracks, Death To False Metal's time span of material runs from 1993 to 2008, and includes tracks from the "weezer mystery year" 1998.
* Pinkerton Deluxe will be comprised of 2 discs + a thick photo and text stuffed booklet in a deluxe dual gatefold digipak, and maybe a surprise or two.
* The Super Deluxe edition of Pinkerton has been called off - instead Rivers' Pinkerton Book and Alone 3 will be released as stand alone items. Release dates on those havent been set yet, but Im for now assuming they will be around the same time as P:DE.
* a special 7" is being planned that may have a track each from Death To False Metal and Pinkerton Deluxe.
* As far as Pinkerton Deluxe goes, I would love to say "vinyl lovers rejoice!" but at this moment I can only say "vinyl lovers... keep your fingers crossed and pray".

...REMINDER - A new Guitar Hero Weezer Track Pack is available now, featuring Beverly Hills, Pork and Beans and Island In The Sun!

...Weez bassist from '98 - 01 Mikey Welsh makes cool art and we look forward to seeing him at our upcoming show in Burlington VT. Show Mikey some love, check out his art and fan him up on his FB art page.

...Every day we come closer to our website and message board re-launch. Fasten your seatbelts! As soon as the gameplan is clear I'll let you know whats up. If this is news to you, see this message board thread.