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Karl's Corner - 08/15/2010

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2010/08/15 Denver, CO: Mile High Music Festival - Dick's Sporting Goods Park

2010/08/15 Denver, CO: Mile High Music Festival - Dick's Sporting Goods Park

Today is a challenging "fly then play" day, but as unpreferred as it is to do things this way, it happens often enough that we're used to it. Essentially, you wake up early after a show day, go to the airport and fly to the new city, get set up, and then do the show. If you are lucky theres a few hours before showtime to rest and gather ones wits. If not, then you power thru and hope the next day is a day off! Today is the second of 2 days of another multi-act festival type show, so there should be plenty of action. Other artists performing today include Z-Trip, My Morning Jacket, Train, Dave Matthews, Jimmy Cliff...


A wild wind whipped up as the afternoon went on, and as Train left the stage the difficult decision had to be made to lower the flying =w= sign, lest it be blown off its supports and tossed to the 4 winds. So we went without an important metal and glass mascot for this show, but such was the combined power of the crowds amazing good cheer and the bands intense energy that it didnt even matter. Denver has traditionally been known to the weez as a very stoked but somewhat mellow fanbase. It might have something to do with the mile high atmosphere or a generally more relaxed vibe, but thats just the way it is up here. However today the crowd energy was very high. Not high enough to muster up the crowdsurfing so prevalent a bit farther East, but still just terrific with the massive singlalongs and chanting and freaking out one hopes for.

Rivers is always pulling shenanigans during these shows, but rarely does the shenanigan-ee report their experiences like this: First person account, with pix, from the photographer whose camera Rivers temporarily absconded with during "Troublemaker"!

Comment here if you went, or start a thread on our message boards! Tell your tale!





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