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Karl's Corner - 08/25/2010

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2010/08/25 A Retraction From Brian

2010/08/25 A Retraction From Brian

Yesterday Brian posted a message on our message boards, in response to a misunderstanding about our upcoming album "Hurley". In the interest of clearing things up as much as possible, here is Brians message reprinted, from this post:

"Just wanted to clear something up

Recently I did an interview in Denver where I was asked why we called the album Hurley. I mistakenly said that Hurley funded the album. I later found out that it wasn’t true at all. Weezer paid for every penny of this recording. The reason the record is called “Hurley” is because Hurley (Jorge Garcia) is on the cover. We thought about leaving the record untitled for the fourth time, but that causes a lot of problems and we knew people would end up calling the record “Hurley” anyway. We got no money for calling the record “Hurley.” thanks folks,

...and in response to some further questions in Brian's thread, I wrote the following additional info:

"hi folks. its not that hurley and weezer have *nothing* to do with each other - yes the album is going to be carried in PacSun stores which also sell Hurley clothes, and they are doing some new weez clothes, etc. But the point is that Hurley didnt fund the recording nor do they have anything to do with the music - the album was independently recorded and paid for by the band, and put out on Epitaph. Weezer has been doing promotional and merch deals and etc for 15+ years, that sort of stuff is nothing new. But Brian misspoke when he thought Hurley paid for the album."

thanks! Now onward, to England....!