Karl's Corner - 10/01/2001

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10/01/01 ouch!

...Some new goodies are finally in the pipeline for the "Audio Video" section, thanks for waiting!

...I have to announce some very suprising and upsetting news- The October European Tour has been postponed. For Weezer, the rest of 2001 will be spent in the USA. I assume that if need be, tickets can be returned for a refund at the point of purchase.

While the recent tragic events have indeed played a part in the fate of this tour by making world travel and airfreight more expensive, difficult, and (as many have warned) more risky, it is not those events that have led to this desicion. Weezer was and remains fully committed to going over and doing these shows and not letting the heightened state of alert dampen anyone's touring spirits.

However, a whole bunch of factors have come into play in the last week or so, rapidly making the tour more and more unfeasable for the time being. The band fought very hard to keep the tour going, and we were confident that it wouldn't come to this, but various realities have taken over at this point, and everyone had to reluctantly agree to wait 'til the new year to do the Europe Tour. Right now I have no details on when this will be or anything. All that stuff is in "scramble mode" right now, and as soon as we have news, you'll have it.

We're very much looking forward to the day when we can return to Europe, as we have had some utterly great times over there in the past, and want very much to build up the same level of fan support that we have earned in the US, Canada, and Japan. ...Europe and England, we shall return!

...Now, due to this sudden forced re-organization of the schedule, the band will take the rest of 2001 and do American dates. The next leg of the American tour (a continuation of the Midget Tour that we just finished) will start in November, and continue into December, and will include the make-up dates for the postponed San Jose and San Diego shows, as well as numerous areas missed by the Midget Tour!

...October will be a month or reorganizations and heavy band rehearsals, and will include anywhere from 5-10 shows by Goat Punishment, who will be playing sets of ALL new songs, with no old songs. (wow...)