Karl's Corner - 10/30/2001

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10/30/01 chickety choco, the chocolate chicken

just in:from rwa news - 12/8/01 cleveland ohio *confirmed* - see tour page or rwa news. presale thurs.

...Note: see the tour section (link above), as there have been some updates. And more shows will be added soon, so keep your eyes peeled!

...upcoming events: first off, our fave skate luger and drummer Pat's band, the Special Goodness, is playing a show this coming Thursday Nov 1 at LA's Knitting Factory! I don't think he'll be skate luging, but loud musical instruments should be in abundance. Then starting next Tuesday the 6th and continuing thru the 7th and 8th there will be 3 viewings of The Great Paintings Exhibition, at Mr. Depp's Ballroom in L.A. It looks like Pat's Special goodness will also be playing these 3 dates before the Great Paintings are brought out for display. These 3 shows are only available via walk-up showtime ticketing.

...question (and Rivers's answer) of the week: from Marcel Graf, who asks:

"What was Rivers' life like beforehand? (In other words what did he do before stardom, where'd he work, how much time did he put into writing, etc.)"
Rivers answers: "mostly work and school; very little time or energy for writing."