Karl's Corner - 10/12/2000

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...Sorry no update for the last few, its been hectic around the home front. On friday I will return to LA, where "pre-production" begins with the band. Pre-production basically means rehearsing the songs (and there are a bunch of brand new ones, by the way!), deciding on how they will be arranged and played, and choosing the best candidates for the album, as well as which songs should be "canned". Also the band will be cutting new demos of songs both new and "brand new", as a part of this perfecting process. The basic idea is to get things streamlined so that they go into the studio with a plan...You definitely need a plan, considering how expensive these studios are per day!

...I'll be posting regular reports including pictures and video (assuming the dv camera doesnt go on the fritz again...) of this process, from wherever its taking place...I'm not yet sure if the guys will be using the "new garage" or a rehearsal studio space for this pre-production thang.

...thanks for the many t-shirt designs you have sent in so far. Im in the process of getting them all resized, correctly formatted, and ready to be posted for your later viewing and voting. Keep 'em coming!

...also, I'm *finally* going to get cracking on the long ago promised "weezer equipment history". It will probably appear in several stages, starting in a few weeks. Thanks for waiting, you've definitely let me know how curious you are about this stuff!

... I recently saw 3 music related movies, 2 of which are old news but I never saw em before. All 3 rocked my world, and I recommend them to anyone who hasnt seen them: "High Fidelity", "SLC Punk", and (the new one) "Almost Famous"