Karl's Corner - 10/20/2000

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...just got back from "Best In Show", what a fantastic movie! Anyway, scroll down to the next entry (10/17), with the February/March tourdates, because the list has been revised... (note that its still totally subject to change!!!)

...The DV video camera has finally croaked, fortunately we have the Good Guys service agreement, to get a replacement. So no new pix or video for a few till thats taken care of, sorry! ...good thing i got that "pedlar" video up, that was a story too important not to tell!! Well, though i cant show you any pics or video right now, I can tell you that the guys have dived right into a big batch of all new tracks, and are rehearsing every day in Rivers's garage. Right now I've actually lost track oh how many new ones I've heard in the last few days, and they are all really nice! (Yes, "Move It On" is one of them, if you were wondering, and no, there are no plans yet for what to do with the "not for KROQ" recording of it...thanks for your suggestions...)

As for the whole producer thing and all that, its still a wee bit too early to make an announcement yet, but major negotiations have been going on, and I'm sure the plan will be set and underway quite soon. It looks to me like the guys will be putting "new album" music on tape within a few weeks... In the meantime the guys just keep writing and practicing, with the material just getting better and better, and better!