Karl's Corner - 10/28/2000

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...Allright, I dont know what is wrong with it, but I couldnt get the new mpeg clip to go up successfully. Frustrating! I will try again tomorrow, its just (ahem) 'too late to try' for a 3rd time tonight....seeing as how each upload attempt takes 45 minutes... Above you see some pix from the garage on 10/26...

...ok some random things: #1 the current issue of Maxim mag (November, page 196) has their annual awards poll, which lists Weezer as one of todays most underrated bands. You can vote for the underrated band you like the most... weezer is up against De La Soul, Elliot Smith, Kelis, and Everclear. The cool part is that you can cast your vote over on the Maxim website, so go over there and cast us a vote or two...(sorry no link, i think its maxim.com but I'm not sure.)

...#2 Many have asked regarding the Petra Hayden Benefit Concert on Nov 26th in LA, at the Knitting Factory. We only found out about Petras accident very recently, when I got in touch with Tony Maxwell again after a long absence. Yes, Tony Maxwell has asked weezer to play the benefit, and yes, weezer would *like* to play, but they havent been able to commit at this point due to the impending recording sessions... We are VERY CLOSE to confirming the recording plan, but until this happens, we cannot be sure if we're actually available to do the show. Of course no matter what happens, our thoughts and best wishes are with the wonderful Petra, who certainly didnt deserve to be hit by a car. According to Tony, she is improving more rapidly these days, and will eventually make a full recovery, but her medical bills are insane. Several of you have asked if theres any way to send her cards and stuff; I will be getting back to Tony soon I hope, and I'll find out.

...#3, after a looong time, The info about the NON-weezer mp3 "ex-girlfreind" has turned up... its actually "Paint By Numbers" by Self.