Karl's Corner - 10/17/2000

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...as I write, Rivers is down in the "lab" putting vocal touches on a song that is as of yet still known simply as "the christmas song". Late tonight the bands manager is picking it up for delivery to KROQ tomorrow morning. So it looks like we made the deadline...otherwise they wouldnt have told us to bother! This song will really please patient weezer fans. Its drenched with melodies, big thick guitar sounds, and to top it off its rather wistful and sad. As for how to get the Kevin and Bean album if you dont live in LA, i havent the slightest idea. Perhaps the Wherehouse record chain has a website? Or KROQ?

...there is a new mpeg up on the WFO page , at the bottom of the page. Check it out for some 'High Renaissance' weezer fun.

...While the touring plans for January are still up in the air, the following (TENTATIVE, SUBJECT TO CHANGE) US tour dates in February and March are now known. Please note: when the venues, opening act(s), and other data is known, it will be up on RWA first. Right now that info is NOT available. No one at RWA, myself included, knows any further details at this time. ...translation: please save yourself some time and dont bother asking us about this yet!...

2/16/01: Dallas
2/17/01: Austin
2/18/01: New Orleans
2/19/01: off
2/20/01: Tampa, FL
2/21/01: Miami, FL
2/22/01: Orlando, FL
2/23/01: off
2/24/01: Atlanta, GA
2/25/01: Winston-Salem, NC
2/26/01: off
2/27/01: Washington DC
2/28/01: Philadelphia
3/01/01: Boston
3/02/01: New York City
3/03/01: off
3/04/01: Indianapolis
3/05/01: Chicago
3/06/01: Minneapolis, MN
3/07/01: off
3/08/01: Omaha, NE
3/09/01: Denver, CO
3/10/01: off
3/11/01: Las Vegas, NV
3/12/01: Los Angeles
3/13/01: San Francisco