Karl's Corner - 12/01/2001

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12/01/01 Welcome to December 2001

...opening the show in Madison tomorrow: Duvall. Duvall is essentially the current version of the band who were once called The Smoking Popes. The Smoking Popes were (and remain so as Duvall, I'm told) a very cool Chicago band who shared the "Angus" soundtrack with weezer back in the day, and they rock hard! This will be an excellent substitution for J.E.W., who had to run off to Florida for a few days to do some radio shows.

...turns out "Movistar" is a cell phone company in Spain. So the shows in Spain are being 'presented' by a big wireless company. ok, we've got that straight now, right? Cell phones. Cell Phones. Bleargh!

...as in 2000, this years 2001 KROQ (L.A.) Kevin and Bean Christmas CD will have a weezer song on it, but I'm still waiting on confirmation of which track. It will likely be a b-side/rarity that hasnt been on a cd yet. The CD will be in SoCal stores on December 11...