Karl's Corner - 12/21/2001

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12/21/01 mira, mira, mang, dont sleep, I got the, I got the, i got the woofers in my Jeep

...I got in a nice report from Sheeny the Organized in L.A., on the scene with the guys as they attack the recording of album 4 in earnest, at an undisclosed Hollywood area recording studio.

The Sheeny Report 12-18-01: Hollywood- Recording, Day 3..."Where’s Pat’s chicken burrito?..."
"Home from the road and straight to the recording studio. I think they may be in the lead for hardest working band in rock. It could hardly be called work though as they love being in the studio and recording tracks as well as being on the road. The band have been churning them out at the usual Weezer pace and as you can see from the daily updated AV page, it’s a fast one. There is some neat stuff happening to the songs and it’s pretty exciting to see them getting honed and tweaked to their near final versions. The guys have really gotten into a groove and the recording is going very smoothly. Here is a list of some of the songs they have done so far that are in contention for Album 4 (and some just for giggles?)
273 Listen Up
286 December
280 Saturday Night
295 So Low
282 Take Control
278 High Up Above
340 Spend Some Time
281 American Gigolo
262 Mr. Taxman
Better Off Alone (cover)
...Even with all this going on, during one of his breaks today Rivers popped over to a nearby studio to check out an AM Radio rehearsal. He even joined the band on one of their songs when Kevin stepped out of the room for a break. A good time was had by all." -Sheeny