Karl's Corner - 12/22/2001

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12/22/01 have U.N.E. pull

...by now I hope you've gotten into the habits of checking =rwa= news for more weez info, plus the audio video page for an almost daily assault of new mp3s! The coming Xmas situation will likely mean several days off from the recording studio, but after that the schedule calls for getting right back in there and getting back to work! Meanwhile, we've got some cool things on the way, such as the new contest- trust me, you will like the prize! And upgrades and tweaks are in the works for several sections of the site, so keep your eyes peeled in the coming days and weeks!

...this is pretty darn cool: Jordan Matzkanin, from Decatur, Alabama writes:

"I just got paid today, and recieved a nice x-mas bonus
from my job at the carousel in the lovely Colonial Mall here in my town.
Well, I decided I needed to do something special with the extra 50$. I then
noticed that my family never puts christmas lights outside. I decided it was
time to take matters into my own hands. I went to the friendly LOWES down
the street, purchased 8 strands of lights, and this is my finished result:
I was up on the roof for like 3 hours. My hands are bruised, and swollen,
and bled, but that doesn't matter anymore: BECAUSE I'M CELEBRATING X-MAS =W= STYLE!"