Karl's Corner - 12/19/2001

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12/19/01 I'm a rebel so I rebel

...whew! Just got done tweaking a fairly big update to the Equipment History. The little bad boy is up to 3 full pages! You may note that theres still a lot to add, but this is a significant update across the board, with virtually every section expanded and detailed more. I actually have some more additions to make in the next week or so, so its not over yet! Where is this stuff? Click on "Info" above, and then click on "Equipment History".

...see the message boards for 2 threads I just put up, #1 asking for your input on future touring partners for weezer, #2 asking for your suggestions for titles for the upcoming 4th album.

...How to vote Australian: Australia's national Triple J radio's annual Hottest 100 poll has just opened, and Island In The Sun & Hash Pipe are both in the voting list. Cast your crocodile hunting vote at: triplej . Apparently this is the worlds largest music poll too, they got about 11 million votes last year. Let's be about 10 million of those this year.

...as far as the band knows, they are playing the following show:
Feburary 26th, Long Beach Convention Center, with No Doubt and Offspring.
(the show is one of several that day to raise $ to help the Recording Artists Coalition do what they do.)
there is a remote chance the band are wrong about this!
when it is confirmed "for real", it will be in our "Tour" section!

...from one fan to the rest:

"I've been a Weezer fan for a long time. Just like many of you, I've played the albums hundreds of times; I've bought the clothes, posters and vinyl; I've gone to the shows, and enjoyed seeing my favorite band live. Then, I joined the Weezer Bboard on Weezer.net. I've never interacted with such a pleasant group of people online. Between all the conversations, arguments, Weezer debates and MP3s traded, I don't think you'll find a better group of devoted fans as the Weezer fans. Thank you for being the people you are, and I hope 2002 is a bright year for Weezer fans all across the world." Jared Davis (JDym00)