Karl's Corner - 12/17/2001

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12/17/01 Right On Be Free

...I just updated the 'staff bios' section (click on the "Info" link above, then click on "staff bios"), and included a large size full band and crew photo, taken on stage before the doors opened at the Portland, ME show. (And beleive me, I TRIED to get the 3 bands together for an additional "all bands" shot, but it just wasnt in the cards! curses! foiled again!) Also on that page youll see a few new faces where once was cold black space.

...The 'Photograph' video is still a hair away from being done, but it wont be long. More importantly, some major technical issues (regarding getting the darn thing out of my laptop in one piece!) are finally getting cleared up. Barring a total techno-catastrophe, expect this video soon after the holidays. Yes, it will be added to the website, but only after being sent out to some TV stations first.

...If you've been napping, take a fresh look at the frontpage for some cool handwritten holiday greetings direct from the band!