Karl's Corner - 12/30/2001

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12/30/01 beyond comprehension

...just a quick note today- ...thanks for voting in the new poll, and I hope youve been checking out the mp3s of what the guys have been recording, over on the A-V page. Also, if youve been snoozing, theres always interesting tidbits cropping up on =rwa= news, which is where the new tour news hit first! (See the "tour" page for the slowly crystalizing details...)

...I know I've been a bit "AWOL" here on the corner, but its all for good reasons: for one I put the finishing touches on the "Photograph" video, and for 3 days have been tearing my hair out trying to get the darn thing back out of the computer onto tape, so it can go to the mastering studio in L.A. Many many (many!) big tech-hurdles have been attacked and conquered, but theres still a glitch or two. However, me and Sarah (who also knows some Wudan style) have been putting our resources together long-distance-style to work out the solutions, and the finished video will be getting to L.A. later this week, in one form or another! So: thanks for waiting- waiting for the video, and waiting for website updates!

The other project filling up the hours right now is the catching up on the recording history, which is quite a task as the Green Album was kind of a complicated beast in the recording phase! Look for a way updated page 12 soon (over on the "info" page, under the "recording history" link). Also, it should get caught up beyond the Green Album, right through the end of 2001 (...thats right now!)