Karl's Corner - 12/19/2000

From Weezerpedia

...break time! ...sort of. I have gone home for Christmas, and the guys were supposed to have a week off starting yesterday. As it turns out, they were so involved with the pre-production of last week, that they have decided to squeeze in several more rehearsals this week, without Ric or anyone around to help out! There were several songs that just werent quite nailed down, as far as which way they would end or what key was best to do them in. And there were a couple songs that werent quite decided if they were "in" or "out". In the interest of REALLY being ready when recording starts next Wednesday, they decided to just keep on working, almost right up to Christmas day...I've said it before and I'll say it again: weezer is certainly not lazy!

...also, I fear I may have issued a false alarm about those extra Palladium tickets, as no one reports actually getting them. Various reports from around the country are saying that they've heard that more tickets for all or most dates on the Outloud Tour will be made available to the general public on January 6th. I only have sketchy info on this, but I'm fairly sure that this is correct for the most part,and that this is when any extra Palladium tickets would be available too.