Weezer concert: 07/20/1997

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Weezer concert: 07/20/1997
Tour Pinkerton Tour
Venue Galaxy Concert Theatre
Location Santa Ana, CA
Date July 20, 1997
Associated album Pinkerton
Supporting acts Ridel High
The Pulsars
Guests Adrian Young
Weezer live show chronology
07/19/1997 - San Francisco, CA 07/20/1997 - Santa Ana, CA 07/29/1997 - Osaka, Japan

Weezer performed at the Galaxy Concert Theatre in Santa Ana, California on July 20, 1997 as part of the Pinkerton Tour. The opening acts were Ridel High and The Pulsars.[1]


Setlist, signed by Rivers Cuomo
border-left: 1px solid #aaa The setlist for this concert is incomplete or missing. Can you help us fill it in? If so, we encourage you to make a move!

A photo exists for this setlist, however due to the top and bottom being ripped it is unknown exactly how many songs were played during the show. "In the Garage" is also known to have been performed at this concert, but at which point is unknown.[1]

No. Title
1. "Getchoo"    
2. "No One Else"    
3. "No Other One"    
4. "The Good Life"    
5. "Holiday"    
6. "Buddy Holly" (with Adrian Young on drums)  
7. "Pink Triangle"    
8. "Susanne"    
9. "Why Bother?"    
10. "Across the Sea"    
11. "Say It Ain't So"    
12. "Surf Wax America"    

After the concert, Rivers Cuomo played an acoustic set consisting of these songs:[2]

No. Title
1. "Jamie"    
2. "The World Has Turned and Left Me Here"    

Fan reaction

Dave Bowman recounted the concert on Behind The Sweater:[1]

My second Weezer show was at the Galaxy Concert Theatre in Santa Ana, on July 20, 1997. I was the third person to arrive there only after Ron and another guy with a shirt that said ‘I love Mykel and Carli’ which made me kind of sad because Mykel and Carli, and their sister Trysta had been killed in a car accident just a couple of weeks before. I talked with these guys and played Ron’s guitar (which had been played by Rivers Cuomo before and signed by everyone in Weezer.) I wanted to make sure that I had camera ready for after the show, and the only way I could get my camera in the theatre, was to go into the bathroom and tie my camera to the pipes under the sink. I waited until 6:30 and I was sixth or seventh person inside. Kendall, Tim, and I got right up against the stage and we would have been able to touch Rivers, Matt, and possibly Brian from where we were but Tim unplugged a speaker for a second and a security guard made him go in the back of the crowd. That was understandable, but the irrational thing was that me and Kendall had to go with him because we were his friends. I wanted to hurt that security guard because he was so stupid. When the concert started we all got up to about three feet from the stage and we just stood there for the two opening bands, Ridell High, and the Pulsars. When the stage was being set up for Weezer everyone started to push to the front and I was getting squished. I didn’t even have to try to stand up, because there were so many people so close to me that they held me up. During the first three songs, I got pushed back a couple feet, but eventually I fought my way up to about three and a half feet away from Matt. During “Buddy Holly”, Pat played the bass and someone else played drums. This gave Matt time to throw water and water bottles into the audience. This concert had to have been one of the most fun experiences I have ever had. I went up to the bar to get a drink because I thought the show was over, but then they came back out from backstage(where I saw Rivers laughing and talking to someone.) Then they played “In the Garage” which made me kind of sad because that is one of my favorite songs and I wasn’t allowed to go back down to the floor. I watched the last couple of songs from the bar, then I ran to where the bus was and where I knew Weezer would have to come if they were going to talk to the fans. I got Rivers’ autograph again and I got a picture with him, but calmed myself down to keep from asking for twenty more autographs. Then I got to meet Brian and I got his autograph and I got a picture of him, but not with him. Then I called Matt over and I got his autograph, a picture with him, and I also talked with him for ten or fifteen minutes like it was an everyday situation. I never got to meet Pat, but that was O.K., because I think I’ll have other chances.

- Dave Bowman, Behind The Sweater, 1997



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