Weezer concert: 07/24/2009

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Pat and Scott in Korea.

On July 24, 2009 Weezer headlined the first day of the Jisan Valley Rock Festival which was held from July 24 - July 26 at the Jisan Forest Resort in Korea. The songs "The Girl Got Hot", "I'm Your Daddy" and "Can't Stop Partying" were played live for the first time.


  • Editior's note: All Korean band names and translations are taken from the official Jisan Valley Rock website.

July 24
Big Top Stage: Weezer, 크라잉 넛 (Crying Nut), Fall Out Boy, Jimmy Eat World, 크래쉬 (Crash), 피아 (Pia), 타카피 (Tacopy)

Green Stage: Starsailor, 레이니 썬 (Rainy Sun), Straightener, 커먼 그라운드 (Common Grounds), 준잭과 하이사이드 (Jun Jack & High Syde), 카피머신 (Copy Machine), 아폴로 18 (Apollo 18), 아침 (Achime)

Electric Session: Shai, Sunshine, H-Man, Soo Lee

July 25
Big Top Stage: Basement Jaxx, 김창완 밴드 (Kim Chang Wan Band), 델리 스파이스 (Deli Spice), Human Instinct, 이한철과 런런런어웨이즈 (Lee, Han Choul and Run Run Runawayz), The Airborne Toxic Event

Green Stage: Windy City, 보드카 레인 (Vodka Rain), 바세린 (Vassline), 쟈니로얄 (Johnny Royal), 비둘기우유 (Vidulgi OoyoO), 메이트 (Mate), 필름스타 (Filmstar), 프렌지 (Frenzy)

Electric Session: Short Fiction, Dieselboy + MC Stride, J-Path, Fwan (a.k.a. Crayzie)

July 26
Big Top Stage: Oasis, Jet, Pattie Smith & Her Band, Asian Kung-Fu Generation, 장기하와 얼굴들 (Jang Ki Ha & Faces), 닥터코어911 (Dr.Core 911)

Green Stage: 언니네이발관 (Sister's Barbershop), Priscilla Ahn, 요조 (Yozoh), 몽구스 (Mongoose), 짙은 (Zitten), 구남과여라이딩스텔라 (Goonamguayeoridingstella), 불나방스타쏘세지클럽 (Bulnabangstarsossageclub), 스윗 리벤지 (Sweet Revenge), 볼빨간 (Ballbballgan)

Electric Session: Kyper, Andy & Stu, Travice, Tak

Karl's Corner

07/24/2009 - Jisan Valley Rock Festival (Tangible Cultural Asset)

...after a series of adventures out in Seoul involving the fine establishment of Kraze Burger (in the cool Apgujeong-dong district) and some 600 year old royal burial mounds at Samneung park, it was time to get back in the super van and head up to the mountains to The Jisan Valley Rock Festival, held at what is normally a ski resort in the wintertime. This was the inaugural Jisan Fest, so there was a lot of speculation as to how it would go. Turns out they planned it out well, and everything went about as good as can be expected for a huge outdoor festival.

The crowd was just completely CRAZY. They have been waiting since forever for the weez, and the excitement in the air was thick! They sang along with every song, even the 3 brand new ones (The Girl Got Hot, Can't Stop Partying, and I'm Your Daddy). Granted, these songs are almost designed to sing along to, but it was pretty impressive that the crowd picked up on them so fast, especially with the language barrier.

The crowd was also treated to the classics, including Undone, The Good Life, My Name Is Jonas, Say It Aint So, and Buddy Holly. Between those, the newer tracks like Pork And Beans, a cool "demo demonstration" rendition of "Island In The Sun", and a special selection of mashed-up covers and Korea-specific material, the overall effect was pretty epic. The 5 piece configuration is working out very well so far, with Josh Feese handling many of the drum duties, freeing up Pat to jump in on guitar and vocals, which frees up Rivers to do his thang, which he is doing quite well. Korea, we shall return!

Set list

  1. "Seven Nation Army" (instrumental White Stripes cover)
  2. "Undone - The Sweater Song"
  3. "The Girl Got Hot"
  4. "Hash Pipe"
  5. "Troublemaker"
  6. "My Name is Jonas" (Lead vocals: Pat & Scott)
  7. "Say It Ain't So"
  8. "Perfect Situation"
  9. "Can't Stop Partying"
  10. "The Good Life"
  11. "Photograph" / "Song 2" (Lead vocals: Pat)
  12. "Island in the Sun"
  13. "I'm Your Daddy"
  14. "Beverly Hills
  15. "Pork and Beans"


  1. Medley:
    • "Keep Fishin'"
    • "The Way You Make Me Feel" (Michael Jackson cover)
    • "I Kissed a Girl" (Katy Perry cover)
    • "Poker Face" (Lady Gaga cover)
    • "Oh Pilsung Korea"
    • "Keep Fishin'"
  2. "Buddy Holly"


Rivers in Korea with his "Go Reds!"-guitar.

A custom made guitar, featuring the flag of Korea and a shout out to the Korean national soccer team (called "Reds"), was built for Rivers by Kraken Guitars especially for this performance.[1]

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