Weezer concert: 11/27/2010

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Weezer concert: 11/27/2010
Tour Memories Tour
Venue Gibson Amphitheatre
Location Los Angeles, CA
Date November 27, 2010
Supporting acts Best Coast
Guests Bethany Cosentino, Jorge Garcia
Bootleg Circulating
Press Rolling Stone concert review: 11/27/2010
Weezer live show chronology
11/26/2010 - Los Angeles, CA 11/27/2010 - Los Angeles, CA 11/29/2010 - San Francisco, CA

Weezer performed at Gibson Amphitheatre in Los Angeles, California on November 27, 2010. This was the second concert on the Memories Tour. At this concert, the band performed Pinkerton in its entirety (having performed The Blue Album the previous night). Best Coast was the opening act.

Set list

No. Title
1. "Memories"    
2. "Pork And Beans"    
3. "The Greatest Man That Ever Lived (Variations on a Shaker Hymn)"    
4. "Perfect Situation" (with Jorge Garcia)  
5. "Dope Nose" (Scott on lead vocals)  
6. "Island in the Sun" (with Bethany Cosentino)  
7. "Hash Pipe"    
8. "You Gave Your Love to Me Softly"    
9. "Suzanne"    
10. "Only in Dreams"    
No. Title
11. "Tired of Sex"    
12. "Getchoo"    
13. "No Other One"    
14. "Why Bother?"    
15. "Across the Sea"    
16. "The Good Life"    
17. "El Scorcho"    
18. "Pink Triangle"    
19. "Falling for You"    
20. "Butterfly" (Karl on drums)  

Karl's Corner

Sweet Jumpin Christmas, as Luke Cage, Power Man used to say back in the day! I'd say we're on to something here. I dont think its really possible for me to describe just how fun and epic tonights show was. Suffice it to say it was an VERY intense experience. The hits set was mostly different from the Blue night and included b-sides which are rarely if ever played, as well as "Only In Dreams". Watching that one get played two nights in a row brought me right back to the setlists of 1994, when we toured in "The Enforcer" AKA "Betsy", our great yet problematic van.

Tonight I had the honor and privilege of accompanying Rivers on "Butterfly", playing the simple drum beat. Back when the song was recorded for Pinkerton, it was so late at night that only me and Rivers were still at the studio, so he asked me to run through it with him on the drum, using just a bass drum turned on its side and draped with a towel. As you can hear on the Pinkerton Deluxe Edition, he also cut the song with no drums, so it was a real honor for me that the drums version was picked for the original album. Then when we went out to tour Pinkerton in '96-'97, Rivers asked me to come out and do the drum part when he played Butterfly, and that had not happened again till now. So thank you Rivers for letting me do it again. (Catch some nice video of this performance over on whatosaw.com).

Big ups to everyone who came out, it really felt like a family affair, from the old school fans to the new to the crazy assortment of celebs who came to witness the special night of rock. Beth and Jorge reprised their singing assistance with style and panache. And a special weezer brotherhood shout out to Justin Fisher in the house - the Amherst House to be exact!
- Karl Koch

Fan reaction

  • These comments were posted on weezer.com:
    • I didn't realize "Only In Dreams" was so rare live. I remember it clearly as one of the closing songs on the Green Album tour....Scott was on bass (was a surprise to me)....Tenacious D and Jimmy Eat World opened....Kalamazoo, MI. -MozMan68
    • if anyone was wondering, that was me drunkenly grabbing rivers and screaming the lyrics to susanne in his ear. -Bill Radovich
    • Great show. Rivers was great and full of energy. It was awesome to see rivers dress up like in his Pinkerton clothes. Brian was awesome and rocked out a b******' visor during the relationship album signing. Great time had by all! -Mark Roa
    • Man does it suck to be a weezer fan in the UK right now. Looks like these shows were EPIC - glad everyone who went had a great time. I especially like how Rivers appeared to be wearing clothing appropriate to the era's of the shows - a very nice touch, and Karl's slideshows HAVE to make it to a DVD if indeed there will be one. --weezercollector
    • both nights were amazing :) glad I got VIP! -Chelsea Radzik
    • Yes, of course a double live DVD set is expected. Why not? Include all of the various greatest hits and both the Blue Album and Pinkerton. A set like that will be valued for many years to come. Then Weezer can retire whatever tunes they wish and know that they have offered them to all of their fans: past, present and future. Now please, when filming, include plenty of static, calm, composed shots. Not rapid fire, swooping boom, short attention span, micro edits. Please create a classy document that won't look dated in 2 years. Think of your favorite concert DVDs. You can focus on the artist for more than half a second, right? Please make something substantial. -elliottmarx
    • for the love of god please come to atlantic city or philly -James
    • Epic show! The highlights: The Greatest Man That Ever Lived, You Gave Your Love To Me Softly, Susanne, Perfect Situation with Jorge Garcia, Karl's slideshow, Across The Sea, and Butterfly. I thought Best Coast were a really a good choice for an opening act. I also really enjoyed getting to meet Brian after the show. I loved his outfit! Anyhow, thank you guys so much for doing this show. Thanks for the Memories! -Alex Roa
    • i think they should release the shows as an offical two disc live album called "b*********" and have a deluxe edition with a third disc of one of the greatest hits set, since i know they like having deluxe edtions of their albums these days. -Chittyman
    • Do you think these shows will be released as bootlegs like some of the shows last year? I hope so. I went to both and would love to have both on CD. -Kevin
    • going to sf pinkerton show. cant wait -Kelly Danielson
    • Sounds like Pinkerton show rocked. I was at Blue Album on Friday. Only In Dreams was my favorite part of the show, I'm glad everyone got to hear that on Saturday. -Dodgerbobble
    • On man you gave your love to me sofly, suzanne, then closed the first set with Only in dreams. That is so EPIC. I cant wait for the New York show for pinkerton. -Brian Scherer
    • THANK YOU, weezer, for playing two b-sides!! Rivers' closing of "Butterfly" was truly memorable... what a way to end the night. ... on a side note, I've never seen a group of grown men grab at a setlist like bridesmaids for a bouquet at a wedding reception. Pushing and shoving females is NOT OKAY, guys. Love ya, weezer. -Toni-Lynne Langeveld
    • Setlist Pinkerton Night LA 11.27.2010 Memories Pork and Beans The Greatest Man Who Ever Lived Perfect Situation with Jorge Garcia Dope Nose (Scott sings Rivers guitar) Island in the Sun with Best Coast girl again Hash Pipe You Gave Your Love to me Softly Suzanne Only in Dreams ---Intermission with Karl slideshow (he was actually spotlighted at the soundboard not backstage) Pinkerton -trailmix
    • OMG! I can't wait and I remember one tour where Weezer did a few more Pinkerton songs than most and it still sticks out in mind. So cool. Hope this comes to Toronto -Radcrap


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