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Featured video: Weezer perform Lullaby for Wayne live, with altered lyrics, in dedication to Pat Finn ; April 29, 1993

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Featured article: Simpleton


Simpleton a fictitious fourth Weezer album created by Weezer fans as a prank in 2003 through online message boards.

Simpleton was created as a mock "sequel" to Pinkerton. Just as The Green Album was seen as a stylistic follow-up to the The Blue Album, it only made sense that Maladroit's follow-up, Simpleton, was to be similar to Weezer's sophomore album, complete with album art from a Japanese painting and a similar name.

As an April Fools joke, Simpleton's release was 'scheduled' for April 1, 2003. Photos of the album in a box with The White Stripes' "Elephant" were used to further the ruse, claimed to have been delivered to a record store in such fashion.

Fake track listing

  1. "Happy Grunge"
  2. "Three Sixty-Seven"
  3. "All Too Long"
  4. "Private Message"
  5. "Everybody Wants a Chance to Feel All Alone"
  6. "O Girl"
  7. "I Don't Want Your Lovin'"
  8. "Jonas is a Bitch"
  9. "Hold Me"
  10. "Sometimes It's OK to Give Up"

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Featured song: "Getting Up and Leaving" Play on spotify.png

Weezer Pinkerton.jpg

"Getting Up and Leaving" is a Weezer song written in 1993 by Rivers Cuomo and Patrick Wilson.

"Getting Up and Leaving" was one of fifteen songs considered for the band's debut album. A pre-production version done with Ric Ocasek was recorded on November 8, 1993 at S.I.R. Studios, but the song would not make it to the formal album sessions. This version, unlike later recordings, was said to have a "classic Weezer breakdown" similar to those of "Surf Wax America" or "Holiday". Unfortunately, this version has yet to surface, as it was not released on the deluxe edition of The Blue Album or as a b-side.

In the spring of 1997, plans were made for a retail single for the song "Pink Triangle", with Geffen insisting on the song being "cleaned up" for radio with a new mix. The band took the opportunity to further work on "Getting Up and Leaving" and "I Swear It's True" for inclusion on a "Pink Triangle" retail single. At the time, Matt Sharp was at work on The Rentals' Seven More Minutes album and was unable to attend the sessions, scheduled for Rivers' spring break from Harvard.

In 2010, the "Pink Triangle" single sessions version of the song was set to be released on the deluxe edition of Pinkerton. Prior to release, it's known the song received overdubs in 2009. It's thought that the majority of the vocals were re-cut given Rivers' favoring of the song's earlier lyics, which feature on the released version. A non-overdubbed mix of the song was slated to also appear on the album, but remains unreleased.

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On this day... February 4

Featured image


Rivers Cuomo and Adam Orth squashing Karl Koch under a mattress.
Provided by: Karl Koch
August 7, 1993

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Featured quote - Brian Bell on his first impressions of Weezer

Brian Bell head.png
I was really impressed with Rivers' guitar playing and singing ability, I just saw a future for this band. I gave them my phone number, just thinking maybe my band could play a show with them or something. That was my intention, just to hang out, get to know them, and play shows with them. And they were cool, and they saw me at a party. I talked to Rivers afterwards, and this was the second time we talked. We probably spoke about ten minutes at the most.

-Brian Bell, Rolling Stone article - November 3, 1994

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