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Featured video: Rivers Cuomo working on the bridge of what would become "Turning Up the Radio," in step nine of the Let's Write a Sawng project

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Featured article: Weezer YouTube Invasion

Invasion 3.jpg

The Weezer YouTube Invasion was a series of videos made in 2010 as a collaboration between Weezer and several popular YouTubers in order to promote the album Hurley. Weezer appeared in videos with 13 then-popular YouTubers, including Tay Zonday, Annoying Orange, and others.

The promotional campaign, created by Weezer's marketing company at the time, was envisioned as the opposite of the "Pork and Beans" music video: instead of bringing YouTubers to a Weezer video, Weezer would be brought to the YouTubers' videos. The YouTubers were then chosen through suggestions from fans. Filming took place over a two day period in late August 2010. The videos were shot in a studio in Los Angeles, California and each YouTuber had only 30 minutes to film with the band.

Within 24 hours, four of the videos had made it into the Top 20 chart and all the videos combined had over 5 million views. As of February 2023, all the videos have over a combined 43 million views.

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Featured song: "Everyone" Play on spotify.png

Death to false metal.png

"Everyone" is a Weezer demo originally written and recorded in 1998. It didn't see formal release until 2010 with the compilation album Death to False Metal. Rivers Cuomo explained that the band decided not to release it during the subsequent Green Album era because they saw it as "too hardcore, heavy-metal to be on a Weezer record."

The song was recorded at Mouse House Studios in Los Angeles, CA, during the same sessions that yielded Weezer's cover of the Pixies' "Velouria." Karl Koch attributed the "ultra heavy sound" of "Everyone" to then-new-bassist Mikey Welsh, comparing the song to the 1980's band Fu Manchu. "Everyone" has sparse lyrics, with the title word being repeated more than 35 times, often without context. Cuomo performed a new vocal for the song in 2010 in collaboration with producer Shawn Everett. Scott Shriner also reworked his bass parts, and spoke positively of it upon the song's release.

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SZNZ Spring promo image March 2019.jpg

SZNZ: Spring promotional photoshoot for Crush Music. Spring came out on March 22 last year.
Photo by: Brendan Walter
March 9, 2022

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Featured quote: Karl's Corner entry, March 3, 2000

Well, folks, I'm outta time. The Special Goodness west coast spring tour is looming, and I gotta get my ass to the west coast. The last page or 2 of the recording history (which takes us up to present day), will have to wait for now. Im sorry! If it makes you feel better, by the time I return to my trusty iMac, I shall have hung out with R.C., and will likely have a much better idea of what exactly went down on tape in '98 and '99, as well as a fresh perspective on whatever weezer is up to now... and my spider-senses are picking up little traces of news already.....

so, ill see you out there, and then back here in (i hope) late april.

-Karl Koch, Karl's Corner - 03/02/2000

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