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Featured article: Suburban Advantage

Suburban Advantage is a demo EP recorded by Patrick Wilson in spring 1994. It was Wilson's first formal attempt at recording his solo work.

Wilson's first recorded solo material came in fall 1993 with My Spine. He then wrote a fresh batch of music that he developed on a four-track recorder over the following months. Music from this period, as well as some borrowed from the earlier demo, was compiled into a 7-song demo tape titled Suburban Advantage in late spring 1994. Wilson used a Dr. Rhythm drum machine (on the TR-808 kit) to create the record's percussion tracks, aiming for a sound unique from his previous demos. Roughly 8-10 copies of the tape were made and distributed among friends and Geffen industry contacts. Copies began circulating among fans as early as January 1996.

Wilson did not return to much of the music on Suburban Advantage. The demo tape preceded Wilson's 1995 Huge Guy demos, which evolved more directly into The Special Goodness.

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Featured song: "Homewrecker"

"Homewrecker" is the fourth track from The Autobiography, the debut album by Vic Mensa. The Weezer song "The Good Life" is sampled on the track, and additional vocals are provided by Rivers Cuomo.

Mensa told Acclaim Magazine that he's been a fan of Weezer since he was 10 years old. He created the song's beat around the half-time section of the guitar solo from "The Good Life," and then reached out to Cuomo about coming into the studio to record additional parts. Cuomo expressed surprise about the selection, calling it "the least likely 16 bars" from "a pretty obscure song from a pretty obscure Weezer album."

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On this day... July 24

Featured quote: Mikey Welsh on meeting Iggy Pop backstage at Hultsfred Festival.

This big entourage came wheeling around the corner of our trailer... it was Iggy, my hero, surrounded by several huge dudes and more than a few very pretty Asian women... I wasn’t sure I could speak coherently, but when Iggy walked right in front of me, I managed to say something like, "that was fucking beautiful, man"... He stopped. He looked into my eyes... walked over and kissed me full on the mouth, and then gave me a hug... Not a word... Then he turned around a walked to his dressing room.

- Mikey Welsh, on his public Facebook account

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