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Featured video: "Weird Al" Yankovic on a 1996 episode of Al TV, introducing the "Friends of P." music video.

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Featured article: Golden Nuggets


Golden Nuggets is an unreleased compilation of Weezer songs arranged in 2001 by Karl Koch.

The compilation was to contain 17 tracks spanning 1993 to 2001, including seven then-unreleased songs. All of these recordings would eventually see release over the next decade, with "Getting Up and Leaving" and the "Longtime Sunshine" coda mix not appearing until 2011. Other songs came out as Green Album b-sides or on future retrospectives like Rivers Cuomo's Alone albums and the deluxe reissues of The Blue Album and Pinkerton.

Koch described the record on Weezerpedia as "totally under wraps at the time of its assembly. The album was decided against and never went into production, but the artwork, liner notes and tracklisting were completed... As time went on and the band accrued an ever expanding library of unreleased tracks and rarities, Golden Nuggets became an anachronism, although several of the rarities chosen for it have still not been released to the public or bootlegged as of 2016."

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Featured song: "Hey Domingo!" Icon - YouTube.png

Riverscuomo aloneviii.jpg

"Hey Domingo!" is a Weezer demo recorded in 2002 in contention for the band's sessions for the band's planned fifth album. It was released for free on weezer.com that same year, and solo Rivers Cuomo demos followed in 2020 as part of the digital compilation Alone VIII: The Maladroit Years.

The song was likely inspired by the 2002 World Cup, held in Korea and Japan. Daegu, South Korea, one of the host cities of that year's tournament, is mentioned in the song. Cuomo would reference the World Cup in later songs "My Day is Coming" and "Represent." "Hey Domingo!" shares a Catalog O' Riffs entry number with the unheard song "Don't You Let My Heart Down," as well as "Peace" from the band's fifth album, Make Believe. Despite this, "Peace" bears little resemblance to "Hey Domingo!"

The significance of the phrase "Hey Domingo!" is unknown, though the name was later briefly used as the name of a label created by Todd Sullivan (the A&R representative who originally signed Weezer to Geffen) in 2005.

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On this day... April 23

Featured image


Scan of signed ticket stubs and concert review from Weezer concert: 01/23/1997.
Review by Bill Eichenberger, Columbus Dispatch.
Scan by: Karl Koch
January 23, 1997
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Featured quote - Writer Gavin Edwards describes talking with Rivers Cuomo, 1997.

Rivers tells me all this personal history in a Denny’s in Missouri, eating a grilled-cheese sandwich, making no particular effort to varnish his foibles. When questions make him nervous, he gets shy: I can tell, because his body begins to vibrate like a tuning fork. Even when he’s relaxed, he’s fidgety, doing imaginary piano scales with his hands. He’s fun to spend time with — maybe because his antisocial impulses are directed toward himself. Since he revealed so many of the cracks in his personality on Pinkerton, I ask if he finds it hard to respect any girl who still likes him.

-Gavin Edwards, February, 1997

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