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Karl's Corner - 01/03/2001

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...Recording day 7... Today was divided into three parts. Part one was "re-do's", in which 4 songs were given new tries from scratch. These were "Starlight", "Break-Up", "Teenage Victory Song", and "Homely". After that it was decided that all the drum parts were good and no more re-do's were needed. So part 2 was "editing the reels", in which the final best basic takes of each of the 19 songs were compiled onto 6 master 2" tape reels, from the 25 or so master reels they were spread out on (mixed together with other versions of the same songs, that were determined to be inferior attempts). This (understandably) took the engineers a long time, so everyone went away for a while and did other stuff like go have dinner. Part 3 was the beginning of "fix up and/or re-do the bass parts", where Mikey started to either fix small mistakes in the bass tracks, or simply re-record his parts entirely, depending on what the song needed.

Karlscorner-20010103-a.jpg Karlscorner-20010103-e.jpg Karlscorner-20010103-b.jpg

Karlscorner-20010103-c.jpg Karlscorner-20010103-d.jpg

...The Basic Tracks, 1/3/01...
gimmie some love
island in the sun
o girlfriend
my best friends are gone
if you want it
inside a smile
knock-down drag-out
don't let go
cryin' and lonely
break up
hash pipe
o lisa
teenage victory song
sugar booger
no more disappointments

...at this point it is assumed that several of these will not make it to the album, but those ones could possibly be b-sides down the line...