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Karl's Corner - 01/26/2001

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...recording day 29...yet another long day at the studio, working hard on checking off everything that needs to get finished or fixed by next week, when the troops pack it in and head to Miami for mixing! So much is getting done in such a short period that its really hard to explain...

...Mikey is just about back up to speed, and is just watching what he eats for the next week to save his stomach unnecessary trauma. Rivers reported that his throat felt a tiny bit better, but was still pretty bad. An emergency prescription of some powerful throat medicine was ordered, which had the effect of numbing the pain long enough for Rivers to get a few vocal fixes done. Whether this technique can help finish the recording sessions in time remains to be seen...

Karlscorner-20010126-a.jpg Karlscorner-20010126-b.jpg

Karlscorner-20010126-c.jpg Karlscorner-20010126-d.jpg