Karl's Corner - 01/07/2001

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...recording day 11...Today was a long, tiring "tying up loose ends" day, before tomorrow's moving down the hall into a different, smaller studio room. The guys worked very hard all day, diligently getting a ton of minor "fixes" done, as well as trying several different approaches to fleshing out the acoustic track "Always" (including some stabs at using a Farfisa organ). Today also marked the finale of Mikey's bass guitar parts, and a slew of tedious but critical editing work.

The hard work is really paying off, and the guys are determined to make this album their own way. Suggestions and criticisms come in all flavors, and some are helpful, some useless. Ultimately, weezer is duty-bound to deliver exactly the album that they want to hear, untainted by even the slightest of compromises, and they can only hope that that's the same album that everyone else wants to hear.

...tomorrow: guitars!