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Karl's Corner - 01/31/2001

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...recording day 33 (mixing day 1)...Miami, Florida. South Beach! After an abhorrently early departure out of L.A., we mostly slept on the flight out to Miami... Then we landed, and picked up a rental car and cruised into the Art-Deco land of Miami Beach, which none of us had really experienced before. After our first day there we are still taking it all in. Pretty unique place...where's Will Smith?

...Anyway, after getting some much needed grub, we reunited with Ric and found the very conveniently located studio, where Tom Lord-Alge was at work already, having had the tapes Federal Expressed over ahead of time. A communications error had him starting the mix for "Starlight" before switching over to "Gimmie Some Love", which he very nearly finished before we broke for the evening. Tom is already impressing us with his speed and innovative ideas, and "Gimmie Some Love" sounds fantastic! Later we wandered around, seeing a lot of strange and interesting sights...

Karlscorner-20010131-e.jpg Karlscorner-20010131-d.jpg


Karlscorner-20010131-c.jpg Karlscorner-20010131-a.jpg