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Karl's Corner - 01/22/2001

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...recording day 25...well after a much needed day off (that still involved plenty of weez work for yours truly, and i apologize for not posting yesterday...), it was back into the studio, our second home. Today Rivers started tackling his big list of stuff to add, fix, and try, jumping between guitar solos, percussion overdubs, keyboard stuff, and more, all day and into the night (...hey, the Kinks!...sorry...) This kind of stuff should continue throughout the week, as well as more backing vocals, possible special guest appearances, and revised attempts at some unfinished tracks...

...finally, and just in time, a Mixing Engineer has been chosen to mix the record. He will begin work on Jan 31, in his home base of Miami, Florida. So, an unexpected pre-tour side trip to Miami is in the cards for the weez...details to come...

Karlscorner-20010122-a.jpg Karlscorner-20010122-b.jpg Karlscorner-20010122-c.jpg

...ok, ok, these are from saturday...but I didnt have time to shoot anything today!...

Profile: Atom Willard: Drum Tech and all around "go-to" guy

Adam (Atom) Willard started his musician's life as a founding member of the infamous Rocket From The Crypt, playing on the first 3 (i think) of their albums, and touring with them for many years. Weezer first met him in 1996(?) at a shared show in Spain. He left the band about a year ago, and later fell in with Pat Wilson, with whom he shares a big love of hot-rod cars and trucks. (Pat couldnt help admiring Atom's wicked lowered 60's chevy truck.) Anyway, at first Atom was approached for the drummer slot in Pat's Special Goodness, but when the weez started taking off in early summer, Atom was asked to join the team for Tech duties and plenty more.

Yes, thats Atom in the numerous pictures and recent short films, his antics and humor are always appreciated. And dog #2 (the one wearing the sweater) is his too. It's name is "Moso".

...also, several people have recently written me from Brazil, regarding the Deftones set at the "Rock In Rio" festival...once again they covered "Say it Aint So"...only this time it was in front of 250,000 people! whoosh.