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Karl's Corner - 04/01/2002

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04/01/02 psychedelic hot pants

...from last Saturday, a break in the action during the Spin photo shoot...

...More Maladroit than one could shake a stick at.

Dope Nose is up to #19 (from #27) on its 3rd week on the Modern Rock Chart, earning an "air power"...

  • KROX 101x Austin, TX is now playing "Dope Nose", both by request and in the playlist, plus on Sunday March 24 during Andy Langer's 'The Next Big Thing' he played Keep Fishin. AND: Dope Nose was the most requested song on Thursday, March 28, 2002!!!
  • WLRS 105.1 Louisville KY, played Dope Nose
  • Y100 Philly: NUMBER 1 on the top 7 at 8 countdown! earlier in the week it was #3, then #2 and now #1! AND: "Slob" was played during the "y not?"program! DJ Dan Fein said it was his favorite. But he also said that Maladroit is coming out April 30th...
  • Q104.3 [new york's classic rock station]- playing dope nose!
  • 107.3 Extreme Victoria, BC: played Dope Nose this morning
  • 88.5 WOAS-FM in Ontonagon, Michigan: is airing an hour and half long show entitled "Weezer Wednesday" that will feature the Maladroit demos, Weezer rarities, and tracks from the blue and green albums.
  • K-rock's DJ Marco Ravaglia says he will play the songs (at least DN, KF and American Gigolo) on saturday nite when the radio is *also* the soundtrack of a disco (Corallo). People will dance to the weez and FREAK OUT!
  • Drive 105, Minneapolis/St. Paul: has just added Dope Nose to their playlist.
  • WDCR 99.3 Hanover/Lebanon (Dartmouth College Radio) is all over "Dope Nose" and "Slave"
  • 105.9 Lava Rock, Hawaii: playing Dope Nose!
  • Z103.3 lexington kentucky: a few days ago dope nose was played twice in a row because the song is so short and the dj thought that fans needed a bigger dose of weezer
  • 101.5 fm X rock tallahassee, FL: playing dope nose, a fan writes: "...However, there's no point in requesting it, because the late night dj's [wont listen]..."
  • WHFS Baltimore/D.C.: Dope Nose is slowly moving up the WHFS Most Wanted chart.....last was number its number 5.
  • 104.1 wbcn boston: has begun to run Dope Nose in one of their "new music" bumpers. They state it is "new music from weezer".
  • 90.1 San Antonio: is playing Dope Nose!
  • CD100.5 FM Binghamton,NY: playing 'dope nose' on their modern rock 20 songs in a row commercial free program
  • WPGU Champaign/Urbana IL: Weezer was #1 on the top 8 at 8, and won the last round of march madness against Radiohead, by 3 votes! Then Friday they defeated archrivals/brothers by choice Tenacious D. Now they are in the final, VS. Nirvana! vote here. AND Dope Nose is in The Big Friday Orgy this week looking for its 6th win in a row, which would be a new record for 107.1.
  • Live 105 San Francisco: Dope Nose is in their Cage Match thing, so far has gotten thru the opening round...
  • o-rock 105.9 orlando, florida: "dope nose" getting played
  • Q101 Chicago: dope nose was #2 on the top nine at nine!
  • 94.7 KNRK Portland continues to hit Dope Nose!>
  • New Rock 104 Fresno, California: "Dope Nose" is being played
  • Cool Radio 94.3 fm Orange County Ca: playing "Dope Nose", "Photograph", "Island in the Sun" and "Surf Wax America"
  • 95.5 wbru: dope nose moved up 3 spaces from number 8 to number 5 on "12 cuts above the rest"
  • 100.9 "the buzz" illinois valley (lasalle-peru-oglesby area.) started playing Dope Nose!
  • 88.9 WRDL Ashland OH: plauing Dope Nose, however a fan noted: "...I was dissapointed to find the word "dope" scrambled everytime it was heard..."
  • 103.9 The Edge Phoenix, Arizona: "Dope Nose " is on the "Top Ten at 10" (unknown position)
  • Planet Radio 93.3 Jacksonville, Florida: finally started playing "dope nose"
  • Lick 106.3 in Little Rock: Dope Nose getting played
  • 99.9 The Buzz (Plattsbugh, Burlington, Montreal): Dope Nose has been added to the Top 9 at 9 list. It's landed in the #4 spot and is considered as a 'Buzz Cut'.
  • 105.9 the X Pittsburgh: On the "double x" weekend, (where they play two songs in a row by one band), Weezer was featured on both Friday and Saturday, Friday they played Say It Ain't So and Dope Nose, and on Saturday they played Hash Pipe and El Scorcho.
  • 94.5 The Buzz Houston: >Dope Nose getting played
  • 99.5 99X Greenville, NC: has been loving Dope Nose! DJ sez: "That’s the new one from Weezer, they’ve became a prolific little band haven’t they?...Rivers Cuomo is a cocky little bas****, but he sure can write some songs!" he also hyped "Dope Nose" as the "Summer Jam of 2002, the song you crank with the windows down heading to the beach all summer long, just as Sum41’s "Fat Lip" was in the summer of 2001!..."
  • Hockey: Dope Nose is still being played at Montreal Canadiens games, and Vancouver Canucks games. Twice in one night! I have heard it being played at Canadiens games before, but since i heard it twice last night, I decided to write you guys an email and let you know.
  • Basketball: recent Sacramento Kings game: American Gigalo played during timeouts, and halftime!
  • The Tonight Show: a fan observed: "...right before the commercial break after jaywalking and before sally field, kevin and the tonight show band were playing dope nose!"

  • 96.7 CFRL, Fanshawe College's station in London Ontario: Dope Nose was added this week...also a sneak peek of the entire Maladroit album was played.
  • CJAY 92 Calgary, Alberta: has been playing Dope Nose lately. Also giving listeners chances to win free Tickets. DJ sez: "That song effin' RAWKS!"
  • 90.9 CJSW Calgary (college radio station) Is playing Dope Nose, and ,also giving listeners chances to win tickets. Playing more weezer than usual, including lots of pinkerton tracks, and material from all albums.
  • UK's xfm: Has now played Dope nose spontaneously -not by request!
  • Sweden 99,4FM göteborg, the government's radio chanel P3: Played Dope Nose on a show called singel which weekly plays newly reliesed singles and other interesting tracks.
  • "FM 97.5 La Rocka", Cordoba, Argentina: played Dope Nose and another Maladroit song, introducing it as "the new Weezer stuff". They played acoustics versions of Pinkerton songs a few months ago too, so i wish they keep their support. Aguante Weezer carajo!!!!!
  • Pascal from France writes: " tomorow the weez are playing the hit machine! [being broadcast] i just wanted to say that, yes, this show does suck a big time, u can even say that it sucks a huge time, but why? becuz they only play crap! and why? becuz france is the country of the cultural exception! so first of all ,this week's hit machine will be awesome ,and it proves on the one hand the huge popularity of weezer here and on the other hand that maybe things are changing as far as rock music is concerned ....also, this month's issue of Rocksound contains an article, a kind of summary of what's been goin'on since summer 2000 till now. they talk about maladroit, and also there is a list of weezer's collectible records and stuff. on the front of the magazine [it says] "weezer: anatomy of a phenomena"...and guess what ? this months they're reviewing our demo !! [Pascal plays in an indie rock band Eyeball, in a country where its even harder than in the USA to get support]..."

...random action:

photograph video! Okay, it looks like I got some bogus info before, as several folks have written in explaining in detail that they did indeed see the "real" Photograph video being shown in such stores as Champs. We have no idea how those chains got a hold of it, but thats very cool!

karl witnesses the random action: I went to Home Depot today and the second I walked in the huge doors, 'Photograph' started playing on the stores P.A. (the song after that was "back to life" by soul II soul, then "dont speak" by no doubt). Many fans have written in having heard both 'Island' and 'Photograph' (not to mention other weez tracks) in all kinds of different stores, from Ralphs supermarkets to The Gap. I conclude that many weez tracks have gotten into several different cable radio rotations, and as of today I know the feeling of the random weez action!