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Karl's Corner - 04/24/2002

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04/24/02 Your love is certified

4/28: minor update (pictures added)

...Summer Tour preview (in case you missed it):
there is an extensive North American weezer tour being planned out for July and August. Dashboard Confessional is in fact confirmed as one of the opening acts. The other opening act is still "T.B.D.", but they have some pretty cool possibilities. More on this stuff as details are sorted out. Other tour info (other countries, etc) is not far enough along yet to make an announcement , but the wheels of progress are spinning.

...Dusty West Tour show #2: The Stampede Corral: Calgary, Alberta

"...the kids here were super super cool....One kid got on stage somehow and I had a flashback [to Scotts first show with weezer, when someone jumped on his back during the show] ...so I was ready for anything...I think the kid saw the look in my eye, so he just danced in place, had some second thoughts...and jumped back into the crowd!" -Scott (Mr. Bass-man)

the fans tell us what they saw...

  • "...Just got back from the Weezer show in Calgary. I can honestly say that tonight was the greatest musical experience I ever had. The two opening bands, though obviously overshadowed by the monsterously huge headlining act, set the stage well enough for what was to come. I personally liked Pete Yorn more, especially his cover of David Bowies "China Girl" (or at least I think that is what it's called) Then after what seemed like forever Weezer finally took the stage. They were tight, energetic, and completely in the zone. I have absolutely no complaints at all. The thing I liked so much about this concert was that everyone was singing along to basically every song. It was like, for the hour or so that Weezer was on stage, the crowd, the band, everybody, gelled into one; feeding off each other. During Only in Dreams, when the solo began and confetti was jettisoned into the air, I can honestly say that I felt pretty choked up. Beautiful. Great show guys!..." ---Steve
  • "...Today/Tonight was pretty awesome! I met Scott and he signed a CD for me and i got one of his pics. AM Radio was amazing and we met them after the show, although Pete Yorn was a total snore. But the Weezer show lived up to my expectation. My friend cat and I were front row center (aka being crushed and kicked in the head by stage divers). The boys opened with Dope Nose and closed with Buddy Holly. The real suprise of the night was Happy Together. A truly memorable show that i will never ever forget..." ---Kelsey
  • "...Holy ****! I just got back from the KICKASS weezer concert in Calgary!! It was ****** awesome. The first openers, Am Radio impressed me greatly, and I found myself tapping my shoe to their songs and rocking my head. Kudos to them. The lead singer said that this was his biggest show, which elicited a few guffaws, since Calgary isn't that big. "I love Brett Hart. He's from Calgary did you know that?" He said. Yeah, yeah. Suckup. A mini intermission and then Pete Yorn was up. I expected some really boring ****, but he was actually good. During his set, periodically, many people from the stands would leap over the gates, past the security and onto the floor. It was an amusing sight to see little weezerites being chased by security and then being hauled out one by one over the shoulder of a guard. The crowd cheered for these brave people.Then, the pain-staking half-hour or so to wait for the weez. I was so fidgety, my sister thought I was having a seizure. People were going in and out, very impatient, and the one dude next to me was smoking a strange substance[?]. Finally, the lights dimmed and the placed freaked out. I was on my feet cheering my lungs out. Rivers, Pat, Brian, and Scott entered. My Name is Jonas was great, and the crowd moshed alot, and everyone sang along. The Good LIfe was better than I expected, and same with Why Bother. During SIAS everyone got to their feet and raised their hands. It was historic. AFter that, I think someone let some air in, and Rivers said, "It is officially deemed cold." Haha. What an understatement. Only In Dreams was beautiful, and Scott rocked out to that one. Waiting for the encore the crowd would burst into short chants of "WEEZER,WEEZER!" And whoop crazily. For the encore, they played Happy Together, and Buddy Holly, During Buddy Holly, some dude jumped onto the stage and started dancing and singing next to Scott with some sheet in his hands. Scott looked over and laughed. The ending of Buddy Holly was prolonged, so as the crowd could savor these last moments of the weez. Rivers would point to people in the crowd and say "I wanna thank you, and I wanna thank you, and you and you" and then point to everyone. "I'm just gonna stand here some more." Go ahead Rivers. That'd be great. Finally, the guys left the stage, to end a bitchin' concert. I stayed and tried to convince the tour people to give me something of Pat's, maybe a drumstick, or the guitar pick of Rivers? No such luck. Ahhhh. I don't care. I'll remember this forever. My first concert!.." ---Emily
  • "...Just came home from the Weezer concert in Calgary, and, DUDE!, was it ever awesome. What a great way to end my second year in college! I had a blast, and I hope the three of my co-workers who went as well had a great time, too (hey guys!). I was pleasantly surprised to see wonderful opening acts at the concert. I thought AM Radio was pretty cool; I will definitely look into their music. Pete Yorn (not to be confused with Peter York, frontman of Radiohead, whom some people I've talked to at the concert believed was opening) had some fans in the audience (several people sitting beside me were standing up during his show). After 2 hours of waiting, Weezer finally showed up on stage. As a just recent fan of the group (we're talking since early December here), I was definitely blown away. The band looked great, especially Rivers (sigh! love that voice!). Definite crowd favourites were the oldies: Sweater Song, Say It Ain't So, Only In Dreams, and Buddy Holly. I love Only in Dreams (I listen to it everyday!) and the band did an awesome performance of it. I was dissapointed when Weezer didn't play Falling For You because that is my favourite-Weezer-song-du-jour, but it doesn't really matter; I had great time anyway. A couple of weeks prior to my knowledge of the concert, I had wished and wished the band would come to Canada...and my wish came true. Thanks Rivers, Brian, Scott, and Pat, for making my day and for putting on a great show. I can't wait for Maladroit to come out!..." ---Katherine
  • "...I was lucky enough to see weezer in calgary on the 24th, and all I can see is that it was the best concert I have been to in a few years. I came out of the pit with a few bruises and alot of other peoples sweat on me. But props goes out to Weezer for putting on a amazing show!!!!!!! AM Radio put on a good show as well. For the people there what was the deal with that guy scratching the same record for like 20 min before Weezer went on?..." ---de Muinck

...the post show party people...thanks to Jeff and SB for pix!...

(Note: tonights setlist was identical to last nights [Edmonton] setlist - see below for a picture)

...International Maladroit release wrap-up:

Japanese release date: May 11 (bonus tracks "Island..." and "Living Without You" plus bonus mini-movies.)...The Dope Nose single there will most likely be released May 18.

UK release date: May 13 (bonus tracks "Island..." and "Living Without You" plus bonus mini-movies.)

International release date: May 13 (bonus tracks "Island..." and bonus mini-movies.)

Canada, Mexico and South America releasing with the US on May 14. (bonus tracks = the mini-movies.)

(note the US release will also have the mini-movies, they are a standard feature on all "Maladroit"s.)

The mini-movies in question are:
1. The Quiet Storm
2. Dope Nose live
3. Death and Destruction live
4. Burndt Jamb live
5. The Cobo Challenge
6. Keep Fishin' live
7. Take Control live

...special announcement for those in the Eau Claire, Wisconsin area: A local Weezer tribute band called 'Weerez'is playing their first show thursday april 25th (tomorrow!) at the House of Rock on Water St. Eau Claire. If youre missing some loud weez-like action and are in Eau Claire, now you know where to be!

NEW: These pictures were not part of the original post. They were provided exclusively for Weezerpedia by Karl Koch.

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