Karl's Corner - 04/03/2002

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04/03/02 Goin' downtown baby, O street in a Range Rover

...well, it looks like with the excellent sucess of Dope Nose so far, weezer has won a set of their own battles in the industry wide struggle between artists and labels.

First of all they got a firm release date for Maladroit! And May 14 it is! ...almost exactly a year to the date from the release of Green (also a hotly contested date as some fans may recall). While some sources in the industry were touting this date, behind the scenes there was no true concession from the 'powers that be' till now.

The second cool thing is that weezer has won back and secured the right to continue to post mp3s of their new demos! Thats right, the a-v page is back up, currently featuring a brand new demo of "Living Without You", with more to come!

The third equally cool thing is that weezer has secured a February 2003 release time for Their 5th album, currently in production!

...whew! Now, as for courageous li'l 'Dope Nose' itself (set to have a video shot next Monday by the way), we're getting some whispers that it looks like its going to take another big jump next week on the charts! Thanks for your requests!!!