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04/20/02 R.I.P. Layne Staley 1967-2002

"...I can see you in the morning , when you go to school..."

"...I wanted to tell you about my awesome English teacher! He always plays music in the background of class, and he has put on Weezer songs numerous times. Along with pointing me out to the class when I wore a =W= shirt, he's let the whole blue album play through along with Photograph, Island in the Sun, El Scorcho, Don't Let Go, and today, which the was coolest, The Christmas Song. I had no idea that he was a big enough fan to know a b-side!..."---Justin

...studio update: Album 5 in the works!

Thursday 4-18:
a very very late night in the studio, the last with the full band tracking together, with Pat requiring a few days out of LA before the Dusty West tour starts next Tuesday. They got back working on "The Victor" on this day, which was the only song from the February sessions that they hadn’t gone back to yet. Everyone was very fond of what they had down on tape already, so there was some reluctance to dig in and stir it up again! They also worked on "She Who Is Militant" which had actually been "left for dead" a little while ago, but is now voted back in the running!

Friday 4-19:
This day was all overdubs, as the drummer man has left the building. Rivers worked on guitar stuff, and Scott came in a few hours earlier to work on bass stuff. Brian just stopped in to say hello. He was slated to work today (Saturday), but no info on that yet.

...Thursday 4/18...

...Friday 4/19...

...to those who prefer RealPlayer to view their video clips: The recently added "W.F.O. Remix" clip on the A-V page finally has a Real Video link. Thanks for waiting.

...here's a new li'l article about big Scott's views on becoming part of the weez family.

...vinyl reissue update: (thanks to many fans)

  • #1: The "German" Blue reissue LP is actually not from Germany! actually "made in the E.U.", in other words, it was made in and for Europe, but no specific country is listed on its label, just the European Union. The details on the label and back cover read: Index # 424 629-1; "Made in EU. LC07266" Barcode: 0 2894246291 5. The sticker on the front says "From the original masters / www.universalmusicworld.com", a website which, strangely, does not mention the LP!
  • #2: before you shell out big bucks [i.e. bid like crazy on ebay] for the E.U. reissue, know this! Its available cheap(well sorta), from no less than 3 websites. Try Vintage Vinyl ($21.99 + US shipping), Hotstuff (Sweden) (about $17-21.00 + shipping from Sweden), and CD Europe ($29, not sure about shipping). Also, a few hip record shops in the US have gotten this edition in on their shelves...where it doesn't sit long!
  • #3: There is indeed a reissue of the "Pinkerton" LP, this one is from Japan. This reissue is also currently available for a semi-reasonable price, and unlike the Japanese Blue LP, there is no restriction on its leaving Japan. While one fan reports paying over $100 for this reissue, others have had much better luck at HMV Japan (approx $20 + shipping, and your browser better have its latest components installed to read the Japanese website!) ...And of course, these are cropping up on good ol' "gotta win it!" ebay as well. Careful, those winning bids have to be honored no matter how high you go!
  • #4: Maladroit vinyl! Yes, the 4th Weezer album follows the happy tradition started by Pinkerton of getting a US LP release. This time it looks like there will be no release delay like what happened with "Green" last summer. Already fans have been pre-ordering this LP on both Amazon.com and CD Now (about $12 + shipping on both sites).

...interesting fan site alert: Knockdown Dragout War is a website dedicated to a roundtable discussion over Weezer topics. It reads sort of like CNN Crossfire, basically a debate. Pretty cool.

...double check! international Maladroit release dates, and the odd things people have been spotting:

  • Japan- May 11 (with bonus tracks "Living Without You" and "Island In The Sun", plus 'extras')...amazon.com Japan is claiming to have it available on May 9th, and the first batch of people ordering will get a bonus weezer sticker...Also a "Dope Nose Single" is supposedly available May 2, contradicting what the label says...Universal Music Japan's website says May 7th...
  • UK- May 13 (with bonus track "Living Without You" and "Island In The Sun", plus 'extras')...UK's play.com claims to have the album available on May 7th...Virgin Records claims the release date is the 20th...HMV UK says May 20...
  • Other International- May 13 [OR POSSIBLY May 20] (with bonus track "Island In The Sun", plus 'extras')...Australia confirms the May 13th date, says the "Dope Nose single" hits on April 29...Scandanavian site cdon.com agrees...Spain sez May 13 too...Amazon.fr and Fnac (France): May 17...Ireland claims May 10th...

...Maladroit mayhemesis!

last week, Dope Nose climbed up to #13 on the Billboard "Modern Rock" radio chart. Now in its 6th week, it has risen again, to #11!! Once again, thanks to your requests and enthusiasm we've had another great week for Dope Nose!

  • 'The Buzz' Montreal/Burlington/Plattsburgh: Dope Nose hit #1 in the top 9 at 9
  • 97X in Tampa, FL: Dope Nose hit #4 on the request show "the Serious 5 at 9."
  • WPGU The Planet 107.1: featured weezer on "The Planet Lounge", a full hour of live weez incl. My Name is Jonas, El Scorcho, The Good Life, The Christmas Song, Island in the Sun, Dope Nose, Don't Let Go, Hash Pipe, The World has Turned and Left Me Here, Tired of Sex, Say it Ain't So, Buddy Holly, Undone, and Why Bother, pulled from the recent Chicago and Normal, IL shows
  • Knoxville Tn, 94.3 Extreme radio: playing Dope Nose , Undone, and Hash Pipe
  • Knoxville Tn, 90.3 The Torch: playing Dope Nose, and "a lot of other assorted Weezer songs"
  • WQSU 88.9 The Pulse (Susquehanna University): now playing "Dope Nose" 2-3 times a day
  • Elon university (elon, nc) college radio: The whole maladroit sampler is number 2 in the top ten records this week.
  • NYC Q104.3: classic rock station played Dope Nose on the "out of the box" show, aired sunday nights at 9.
  • 103.3 the Edge Buffalo NY: Dope Nose getting "heavy" airplay!
  • 92.3 WXRK (K-ROCK) in New York: still playing Dope Nose! its at #27 from 30 in the top 49 on the playlist.
  • WARQ 93.5 Columbia, SC: getting played "in the daytime" now.
  • Live 105 (San Francisco): On the Saturday morning countdown 'Out of Order', Dope Nose was #15.
  • The Zone 96.3 Billings, Montana: "Dope Nose" is getting "heavy" airplay; was #1 in last week's "High Five" countdown
  • planet radio 96.5 in Lafayette, Louisiana: For most of this past week, "Dope Nose" has been in the top 8 @ 8, made it to #3 on Friday.
  • digital 102.7 WJSE atlantic city, ran a modern rock madness tournament, Dope Nose got to the final 8, was narrowly defeated by incubus, on a station that has "a lot of hard rock fans (nu-metal and rap/rock)"
  • 97.5 KPOI in Hawaii: now playing dope nose!
  • x102.3 in Fort Wayne, Indiana: dope nose was number 2 on the 9 at 9 show
  • X106.9 in Salisbury Maryland: played Dope Nose during the "new rock" segment of the show.
  • Music Choice channels (TV radio): playing "Dope Nose"
  • Detroit's 89X: played "Keep Fishin'" as the 'catch of the day'
  • Birmingham's 107.7 The X: 'Dope Nose' in "heavy rotation"!
  • 92.3 X-treme radio, cleveland: playing Dope Nose "regularly".
  • 99.3 the Fox: a fan writes: "...has a feature they do every once and a while called plagarism court. Yesterday they called plagarism court against Dope Nose for sounding like the Flinstones theme song. It actually sounds pretty similar but they reached a verdict of not guilty. Mostly they were comparing the guitar intro..."
  • 102.9 the Buzz Nashville, TN: Dope Nose was number 6 on the top 9! DJ Valerie sez: "really looking forward to weezer's new album Maladroit in stores next month..."
  • KRZQ, Northern Nevada (Reno/Carson City/Lake Tahoe): celebrating 10 years of rocking: promo spots say "Celebrating 10 long years of new rock with new Weezer!" Dope Nose and other weez being played. 4th most requested song of the day!
  • 105.9 The X Pittsburgh, PA: playing Dope Nose
  • Lick 106.3 'Modern Rock for Little Rock': plays Dope Nose all the time, # 8 on the top 20!
  • 103.7 'the Buzz'Little Rock: playing Dope Nose. "More Rock for the Rock".
  • 94.5 the Buzz Houston TX: Dope Nose getting played!
  • 95.9 WRZK Bristol,TN: starting to play Dope Nose!
  • RollingStone.com: have a link to a Dope Nose download on their front page. The song was currently rated 4.6/ out of 5 points.
  • chicago Q101 Chicago: played "Keep Fishin" the other day!
  • WBRU, Providence RI: has a weezer profile on their site.
  • Radio 104 Hartford, CT: "...has been playing 'Dope Nose' for months now. They have this thing called "the eight most wanted", yesterday Weezer made number seven..." A DJ commented "...The new CD should be out soon. The record company wouldn't let them release the music the way they wanted to. I guess that's the price you pay for being that cool..."
  • 97.9 WGRD Grand Rapids, MI: playing Dope Nose!
  • x96.3 Utah: is playing Dope Nose by request.
  • 105.7 the Blaze, Utah: is playing Dope nose.
  • 88.1 The Edge, Utah: is playing Dope Nose and Fall Together
  • WUSO 89.1 FM Springfield, Ohio: "Living Without You" played on "Random/Bro-Bro Radio" hosted by A-Man, Plasma-Boy, and Gray-Dog.

...international action!

  • England: Dope Nose hit #2 and then #1 on the all request "music response" show on XFM!
  • Switzerland: on MTV France (the only one broadcast in Switzerland),on the presidential Election Special, "...where the presenter was trying to interview all the candidates. The last one was Jacques Chirac, the current president, a Republican, and they were playing Island In The Sun in the background. It was kind of odd to see Chirac's face and to hear Weezer at the same time, it didn't feel right somehow..." ---Crooty
  • Canada, Meadowvale, Ontario: "...I was at our local bar tonight where they play nothing but Britney Spears, Shakira and No Doubt. But before about 11pm the bar plays actually decent music. Then when its gets packed a bunch of stupid top 30 Casey Kasum mix. While I was playing pool I heard Dope Nose, the crowd loved it..." ---Ben
  • Canada, University of Waterloo: 100.3 CKMS maladoit has debuted at 7th on their charts
  • Canada: Q92 in Sudbury, Ontario: played 'Dope Nose' as the future track on their Rock 20, "...which probably means that it will end up on their top 20 very soon.."
  • Norway: During a discussion on free mp3's on the Internet, on a music show on NRK P3(Norway's biggest radio channel for young people), they played a piece of Take Control as an example of bands making their music available for the fans on the net. That counts as the debut of Maladroit on Norwegian radio! The DJ said they'd get back to Weezer later...
  • 96.4 The Rock FM in New Zealand: Dope Nose debuted, possibly the first play for all of NZ!
  • Ireland: a DJ writes: "...I've been taking part in a little radio project in my area for the last few weeks, and finally got to go on air last Sunday, for a two-hour show, and Weezer rocked the airwaves in Ireland once again...I played Say It Ain't So and Island In The Sun, but couldn't get the guys in charge at the time to download the Maladroit stuff, so Dope Nose, unfortunately, must remain unpromoted as of yet. BUT, a funny thing happened. A girl called in asking us whether she should buy her boyfriend after shave or cds for his birthday, so there was really only one answer - "What you do is, go into your nearest big music store, or your nearest SMALL music store, and say 'Hey, Mr. behind-the-counter man, give me WEEZER! Give me ALLLLLLL the Weezer you can!' And when you hand the gifts over to your boyfriend, he'll say 'Darling...Darling I love you.' So there's your answer"...."
  • France: "...Dope nose has been played for the First time this evening on OUI FM, a french radio which only broadcasts in PARIS....also i've just heard Burndt Jamb on the FRANCE INTER radio..." ---oliver
  • Indonesia: "...last week on Prambors FM, 'Dope Nose' was the highest new entry on 101.6 MTV On Sky's "20/20" Top 40 Countdown, coming in at number 26..."
  • Kenya! "...Right now i'm in Kenya, haven't heard dope nose yet, just buddy holly, but still, it's pretty cool that weezer is even being played in africa..."

...random action!

  • WPSC 88.7 FM in Wayne, NJ played 'Holiday' several times last week...!?!
  • "...I guess I should tell you before the WCHL season is out that Weezer is part of San Diego Gulls games. After a Gull's opponent team scores, they occasionally play "Say it Ain't So." Sometimes they play some other song, but its pretty cool when they throw in some Weezer at the hockey games...."
  • "...Just watching the first game of the Devils/Hurricanes series. During the game I heard them play both "Photograph" and "Say It Ain't So" in the arena. It almost made up for the fact that the Devils lost..."

...The Dusty West Tour is only 3 days away!!!