Karl's Corner - 06/12/2001

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6/12/01 XFM..."Pepsi Chart"...London promo continued...

Today's activities included an interview with Pat and Rivers at London's XFM radio station. The interview went very well (good questions!) and then the guys did what is called an "XFM Hijacking", where they pick and introduce 20 songs by various artists that they'd like to share with the listeners. Weezer's Hijacking included a highly eclectic mix, everything from Dionne Warwick's "Walk on By" to Slayer's "Angel Of Death"!

Then everyone headed over to a nearby TV studio, to tape a segment for a show called the "Pepsi Chart". As far as I can tell this is a "Top of the Pops" type thing, with a mostly pre-selected audience (with two notable weezer-fan exceptions, who even managed to get some autographs from the guys after their 'performance' !) The show's main emphasis seems to be total cheese. But getting "Hash Pipe" to the English folk is important, and this show is supposedly one of the best ways to do it.