Karl's Corner - 06/29/2001

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6/29/01 Barcelona

...after a 5 year absence, the weez returned to this wild little town on the sea to offer a night of rock once again. While rambling near the Ramblas that afternoon, Mikey and I were stopped by a group of American fans who had altered their European travel plans to make it to the show. Actually it seems that at most of these shows, several Americans always seem to turn up, as well as some people from distant parts of Europe. All these weez-pilgramages just seem to underscore the band's need to tour everywhere more often, because there seem to be a lot of fans all over the place!

...today the band did a photo shoot and interview with the British magazine Q, which is one of the few music magazines I find myself actually reading when I pick it up. It will be cool to see weezer in there!

...speaking of mags, weezer has a short article in the new (US) Rolling Stone, and the Kerrang mag with weezer on the cover is slated to come out any day now...

..after the show we packed up and got back in the bus for a 15 hour drive back up North to Brussels, Belgium, for Sunday's Werchter Festival...