Karl's Corner - 06/26/2001

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6/26/01 hot hot Paris

...we arrived at the Terminus Nord hotel in Paris at about 6 AM, and had to disembark because there was no bus parking. Already it was really hot and muggy, so we were all looking forward to some air conditioned hotel rooms....except that the Terminus Nord is still stuck firmly in the late 1800's, and has no A.C... Bleh. One delerious, restless nap later, we assembled at the club, which seemed to date from the same time period as the hotel. Cool looking ceilings (see photo), but already super hot before anyone even got inside.

...Despite the heat, the show was a real corker, and the 1500-strong crowd flipped out with the best of them! This was the first headlining show for weezer in Paris since a small gig 5 years ago, so there was a lot of built up excitement. The guys did their best to stay on top of things up on stage, fighting the total lack of fresh air. Pat reported a feeling of "running out of gas" about 2/3rds of the way through the set, and later reported: "we were fortunate enough to experience first hand the quaint cooling system of a real historical Parisian music hall. In other words, we all nearly sweated to death in a building that had no air conditioning, and no windows. It was a great feeling to deliver the rock in spite of this, and an even greater feeling to step outside afterwards!"

...later that night we started a 15 hour overnight drive to Madrid, and immediately ran into a massive thunderstorm which flooded the underpasses and caused random blackouts around Paris. As we crept down the highway in slow moving traffic, the heat wave finally broke, just a bit too late...