Karl's Corner - 06/27/2001

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6/27/01 Spanish caravan, take me away...& announcements!

...today we awoke on the bus somewhere in the mountains, enroute to Madrid. we cruised all afternoon, enjoying the beautiful countryside and Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2... once in Madrid, the guys did several interviews, including a live web-chat with a Spanish website. The Spanish speaking world was ready for it, and the chat room attracted questions from all over the world, including Argentina! If anyone has more info or transcripts, let me know...

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT 1: I've just learned that weezer has been forced to cancel their upcoming Manchester Academy and Scotland T In The Park shows. Since they were headlining the Manchester show, I imagine that refunds are available for that one, but I'm not sure about the Scotland festival. What the band wants to make very clear is two things: that they are sorry and regret having to cancel, and that they WILL return to make up for it! A more extensive UK/Europe tour is likely for later in 2001, and now with 2 shows to make up, its more likely than ever.

The reasons behind the cancellations boil down to the band having too much to do right now, and not enough "right now" to go around.

They just found out that in order to make the schedule work for the upcoming "Island In the Sun" single, the video has to be shot, like, NOW. They have been checking out ideas from a number of directors over the last couple weeks, but only one idea was sounding good, and that is by Marcos Siega, the same guy who did the "Hash Pipe" video. However, Marcos only has a few free days left in his schedule for the whole year, and they are coming up on July 7th. So, basically, the only way weezer can get a new video done on time is to cancel the two shows.

Beleive me, this has been FURIOUSLY debated in the last couple of days, as NO ONE likes to cancel shows and disappoint fans. Its really a case of "two evils", and the only thing that tipped it in favor of the video was the fact that the shows can be rescheduled/replaced, while the video is pretty much "now or never"....As I said, everyone is really sorry, and they promise to return soon to make up for it.

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT 2: Weezer is NOT confirmed to do the Jane's Addiction Tour. If you see tickets on sale for this tour that advertise weezer, TAKE WARNING that this is NOT confirmed! more on this ASAP...