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Karl's Corner - 02/08/2001

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...recording day 41 (mixing day 9)...today was a super productive day! Tom Lord-Alge mixed almost 3 full songs, finishing "Teenage Victory Song" and "Inside A Smile", and nearly finishing "Gonna Make My Move". Tomorrow is his last day of mixing, and things look excellent in that department. Meanwhile Rivers continued his last minute recording work, doing small changes on both "Inside A Smile" and "Gonna Make My Move" even as they were being mixed by Tom in the other room! (...how do they do that?) Later, Rivers re-sang the lead vocals to "Crab" 22 straight times before he was satisfied with it! Now Crab is ready for the mix tomorrow, along with "Always".

...this week there have been a lot of fans stopping by the studio, and due to the rather frantic nature of the recording and mixing these days, the situation isnt always right for autographs and such. Some folks have gone away disappointed that they werent able to say hello. This is a message to them to please not take this sort of thing personally, it's sometimes just not the best time for Rivers, who is known for his bouts of shyness and intense concentration on the work at hand. Thanks for your understanding...

...tonight marked a strange occurrence here at Miami Beach. Apparently there is a midnight beach gathering every full moon, and tons of people congregate on the beach to play drums, dance, and generally go nuts for a while. When the work was done at the studio for the night, we couldnt resist checking it out, and to the windy moonlit beach we headed...

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