Karl's Corner - 02/24/2001

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Outloud Tour Day 5: Day Off, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

...today people ran wild and scattered throughout the area, in all manner of taxi, rental car and bummed ride. Rivers was unsatisfied with the inability to really make noise while recording in the hotel, so he (with Atom on assist) trekked to a local recording studio to make more demos. Meanwhile me and Pat went in search of obscure bits of gear needed to make various computer devices work better, with varied success. Then we stopped by the enormous Sawgrass Mall, and were intimidated by its size. I picked up some goodies at Borders (including "Bullitt" on DVD), and then headed over the the recording studio to see how it was going.

...upon entry to the studio, I could see this was an unusual place. It seems that this was the HQ of one Frank Loconto, lead singer in the 50's trio the Lane Brothers, who had several hit singles in their day, and who has gone on to produce countless acts and unusual records such as House Speaker Tip O'Neil's Irish drinking songs album. Everywhere were pictures of Frank hanging out with everyone from Muhammed Ali to Jimmy Carter. Meanwhile Rivers got 3 demos completed to his satisfaction. Then Frank came in to check up on us and so we got a photo.

Karlscorner-20010224-d.jpg Karlscorner-20010224-e.jpg

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