Karl's Corner - 02/13/2001

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...The pieces are starting to come together. Today Mikey flew back to L.A. after his little break, and tomorrow Pat re-joins the fold. There are a ton of business things going on right now, and everyone's got a lot on their minds. (I even forgot to post an update yesterday, I apologize!) The next few days will see several photo shoots, including the one for the album cover, interviews, band rehearsals, some last minute album touch-up sessions, preparation of some special home video clips for use on the tour (you'll see soon enough), finishing the album credits and thank-you's, packing everything up for the tour, and perhaps most importantly, meetings. Especially important is the upcoming meeting where we play the finished album for the big-wigs at the record company. Will they like what they hear? After the negative reactions we got from them in the past, we are keeping our fingers crossed! Especially now, when there's no time to go back and keep recording! Its "do or die" time...