Karl's Corner - 02/11/2001

From Weezerpedia

...a very very very welcome day off. Rivers and I flew back to L.A. today on a super early flight that we did our best to sleep through. Gosh darn it, I missed out on the "egg stuffed potato" breakfast. What a pity. ...I think I've got a touch of something, I feel a bit spaced out and under the weather. Rivers is tired but says he feels good. Well, he should, he just (nearly) finished up the best sounding record of 2001! (I dont mean to brag, I dont mean to boast... but I like hot butter on my breakfast toast.) (huh?)

...As you are aware, we are going through some growing pains here at RWA, and our web traffic has been gridlocked for several days. This should be all cleared up in another day or two, for good! Thanks to those who passed on my updates to the message board, you all get the medal of honor for quick thinking.

...Since the RWA merchandise page ran out of shirts, many of you have been waiting for the official weezer online store to get up and running. Well, I am really happy to be able to clue you all in that it will be a fully functioning reality within a matter of days! Stay tuned to here and the RWA news page for the info and the "link" you need!