Karl's Corner - 02/21/2001

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Outloud Tour Day 2: Austin Music Hall, Austin, TX

...first show of the tour! We got off to a great start, with only a few minor technical glitches that promise to be cleared up as everyone settles into things and gets into a groove. Man, I really loved the set. The guys were rocking old favorites hard, as well as pulling out some choice seldom-seen stuff, not to mention debuting 3 new songs! The crew did an excellent job as well, getting things running remarkably smooth considering its the first day. Overall the effect of the show was fantastic, and many of you told me so after the show, too!

...I whipped together a new video clip for you all from today's footage. Either go to the "wfo" page or just click here to check it out!

...also, click here for pictures and pricing for all the merchandise thats currently available on tour at these shows!