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Karl's Corner - 06/17/2002

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06/17/02 america eats its young

...okay, tomorrow (Tuesday), the guys go to film the "performance" portions of the "Keep Fishin'" video. On Wednesday they go in again, to do the "storyline" parts. And Thursday they will be back in the studio, doing "pre-production" for album 5, which will likely include some recording...

...Maladroit Action: early "Keep Fishin'" activity! Several stations have picked up "Keep Fishin'" in the wake of Los Angeles' KROQ 106.7 already frequent play. People have been reporting hearing the track (usually the new version, but ocassionally the album version where noted) on:

92.3 Krock NYC, 94.7 Chicago [debuted at #7 on the "online 9 at nine"], Y100 Philly [has had a 2 night reign as champion of the Cage Match! big ups to DJ Ben Harvey!], Seattle's 107.7 the end, 94.7 KNRK Portland OR (album?) [won the cockfight!], 95.5 wbru Providence RI, 104.3 KMBY Santa Cruz, CA (album), x102.3 The X in Fort Wayne, IN [is the new "Cage Match" Champion!], 105.1 KCCQ Ames, IA.["Vibe-Rater" song of the night], 103.9 the X in dayton ohio [on "Spin Cycle"].

...more radio action including continued "Dope Nose" support in radio and video, and international news coming tomorrow.

...random thing 1: I took another look at one of the Maladroit number registration pages, and it had really grown! over 1800 people have submitted their maladroit number to date, making for an interesting cross section of fans! I dont know why, its just cool to me.

...random thing #2: There's a new NBC series called "Dog Eat Dog", which today included a trivia game where contestants had to fill in the name that would link 2 "stars" together. For example "Ricky (blank) Lawrence" would be Martin. Finally the following came up: "Joan (blank) Cuomo". But did the guy know the answer which was so clear to every weezer fan? Nope!

...random thing #3: weezer is currently the featured artist on mp3.com.